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Mundial Nov 2005
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The Butler Did It - Jacques-Louis Barajean.png Jacques-Louis Barajean "The Clairvoyant"

This is how his colleagues at the police station of Paris used to call Jacques-Louis Barajean, chief inspector for more than 20 years. His nickname derives from his incredible capacity of probing the human mind with studied questions. When Inspector Barajean asks people a question, everything from the tone to the subject has been accurately planned.

A small, bald man with deceiving looks, Barajean seems to be aware of what people are going to say even before they answer his questions. Combined with his sharp eye for particulars, Barajean is considered France's best investigator.

Irrelevant fact: He seems to concentrate on sucking a pipe he never lights.

The Butler Did It - Colonel Neville Neville.png Colonel Neville Neville Colonel Neville, a veteran of World War I, was seriously injuried when a dead bird in his tank's cannon caused an explosion during a practice session. After leaving the field, he worked as a spy for the last year of the war, capturing many German infiltrates in french territory, with the investigation help of the chief inspector of Paris, Jacques Louis Barajean.

After the war, Neville bought an old mansion on the Swiss Alps and transformed it into an exclusive hotel, attended by upper class members from all around the world.

Irrelevant fact: the accident turned Neville's hair color from pitch black to light grey.

The Butler Did It - Ursus.png Ursus Ursus is the nickname of the latest son of the former owner of the mansion-turned-hotel, who had to sell his house to Colonel Neville due to economical misfortunes. Ursus was assumed by Colonel Neville to work as his butler and as the hotel's maitre, so he could earn some money while training to realize his lifetime dream: to become a professional wrestler.

A huge, good-natured man, Ursus spends more time training in the servants' hut than doing his job as a butler.

Relevant fact: It eludes even Mr. Barajean how, but it appears he just knows the background of all the people in 2 kilometer radius. This might have something to do with his unearthly, manly charisma and impressive moustache.

The Butler Did It - Mr. Bigg.png Mr. Bigg The only one who suprasses even Mr. Barajean in investigation, the mysterious Mr. Bigg has the crime solved before Barajean could even find him. It is said he has the ability to solve crimes which haven't even happened yet.

Relevant fact: Unfortunately the communication between him and Mr. Barajean leaves much to hope for.

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The Butler Did It - Ann West.png Ann West Often called a "Femme Fatale", Ann West starred in many movies in which she interpreted the role of the dangerous seductress.

She has been in the show business for so much time and through so many marriages that many speculations have been done about her real age.

The Butler Did It - Stevie Prater.png Stevie Prater Halfway between Lindbergh and Valentino, the heartbreaking pilot Stevie Prater says he had crossed the Pacific Ocean with his plane, the "Fearless Freep", but his record wasn't correctly registered by the Guinness Book of Record commission, and thus was deemed invalid.
The Butler Did It - Bessie Triplett.png Bessie Triplett A mediocre soprano, Bessie Triplett became famous more for her looks than for her voice. Hated by opera experts, loved by opera directors, Bessie Triplett got more space on magazines than her colleagues.
The Butler Did It - Trenton Geiger.png Trenton Geiger A shady entrepreneur, Trenton Geiger reached an impressive fortune in a very short time. His rivals have been called him "reckless" or "a cutthroat" but these appellatives don't seem to stop his quest for more money.
The Butler Did It - Nichole Gutierrez.png Nichole Gutierrez A famous writer, Nichole Gutierrez reached fame when she wrote "Southern Winds", a popular love novel that featured a Perfect Man. This novel was seen by the readers as an attack to today's male personality, making Gutierrez an idol for every feminist in the world.
The Butler Did It - Rolando Shelton.png Rolando Shelton A modernist painter, Rolando Shelton took a creative pause in painting to open many art schools in several european cities. Young artists from all over the world pay big sums for entering Shelton's Art School.
The Butler Did It - Marchelene Ethelyn.png Marchelene Ethelyn A feminist activist, Marcelene fought for women's rights with spectacular demonstration. More than once she got arrested, but she got released immediately after.
The Butler Did It - Duane Zamora.png Duane Zamora A former Olympic swimming champion, Duane changed his name Bjorn Emtarkanderundersgunderson into Duane Zamora to start an acting career in hollywood. His most recent hit movies were "Zantar, king of the monkeys" and "Trogdorf, the dragon slayer".
The Butler Did It - Amie Costello.png Amie Costello A world-known classical dancer, Amie lived through a difficult situation years ago, and she never stopped reminding it to everyone by choosing not to appear in public outside theatres and never participating at mundane events.
The Butler Did It - Father Reynaldo Darnell.png Father Reynaldo Darnell One of the least known guests of the hotel, Reynaldo Darnell is a simple priest who happens to have very rich parishioners, who are eager to offer him a vacation at the mountains in order to cure his bad cough.
The Butler Did It - Abby Padgett.png Abby Padgett Director of the magazine "Revelations", Abby Padgett is hated in the show business by almost everyone for having revealed to the public gossips about almost everyone. The truth of her sources has been questioned many times.
The Butler Did It - Clifford Dougherty.png Clifford Dougherty Nobody knows a thing about Clifford Dougherty. He is able to hide almost everything behind his dark glasses. The only known thing about him is that he works for Oscar Matitoni.
The Butler Did It - Leta Morse.png Leta Morse After Leta Morse started working at her mother's fashion house, the sales dramatically increased. Her trademark classical-yet-innovative style, based entirely on the color blue, had been adopted by many actresses and models.
The Butler Did It - Gino Carney.png Gino Carney A decorated war hero, after the war Gino Carney invested in the reconstruction of destroyed villages, amounting a small fortune and - as the badmouthers say - cleaning his conscience.
The Butler Did It - Harriet D. Hernandez.png Harriet D. Hernandez The long-lost niece and sole heiress of marquis Gimnasia Y Esgrima, Harriet D. Hernandez started spending the Gimnasia Y Esgrima family's incredible sum of money even before her uncle died. Many economical experts stated that if she continued spending like that, her fortune would have been destroyed in a few years.
The Butler Did It - Oscar Matitoni.png Oscar Matitoni Magician, Occultist, follower of a newfounded sect that worships a giant monkey; Oscar Matitoni is this and many other things. Some people, however, just call him a charlatan.

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Al lanzar el juego se me queda pillado el proceso loader. Para solucionarlo configurar el juego la primera vez en modo ventana.--cireja 18:16 24 sep 2013

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