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! a Adventure at the Chateau d'Or
Adventure Box Studios a Alliance Digital Media
Alliance Game Studios a AR-K: Capítulo 1: Sexo, Mentiras y Trabajos de Clase
AR-K: Capítulo 1 - Sexo, Mentiras y Trabajos de Clase a A Day in the Future
A Day in the Life a Behind a Locked Door
Behind the Beyond a Bob Esponja Ship Escape
Bob Goes Home a Cambrix Publishing
Camelot Galway: City of the Tribes a Circuit's Edge
Ciro Durán a Cougar 2.0
Cougar 3.0 a Darkseed2
Darkseed 2 a Die drei ???: Das verfluchte Schloss
Die drei ???: Der Schatz der Azteken a Drawn: El Vuelo Oscuro
Drawn: La Torre a Elephant: The Vacuum Cleaner Adventure
Eleusis a Étranges Libellules
ETS Entwicklerteam Slaby a Flashbax
Flashpoint Productions a GamesFree
GamesNitro a Gray Matter Studios
Gray Skies, Dark Waters a Hi-Res Adventure 0: Mission Asteroid
Hi-Res Adventure 1: Mystery House a Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis
Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis: The Action Game a Jack Keane and the Fire Within
Jack Murphy: NYPD a Kesha: Free the Parrots!
Kesha: Have you been to Tahiti? a Last Nivel
Last Order a Limbo of the Lost (2008, Majestic Studios)
Limbo the Adventure Game a Mad TV 2
Maelstrom Games a Matt to the Future
Maupiti Island a Mirage Interactive
Mirage Media a Mutropolis
Muumit Piilosilla a Nightmare Castle
Nightmare Collection: Dead of the Brain - Shiryō no Sakebi a On-Line Entertainment
On-Line Systems a Paula y los Mayas
Paul Moose in Space World a PlayStation Portable
PlayStation Vita a Qin: Tomb of the Middle Kingdom
Qi Bao Qi Mou a Renuncio!
Renuncio: Parte 2 - El Escape a Runaway 3
Runaway 3: A Twist of Fate a SEGA of America
SEGA Pico a Simon the Sorcerer 2
Simon the Sorcerer 2.5: The Bridge Between the Dimensions a Space Invaders (1999, Z-Axis)
Space Lynxes a Stranded (2007, Stephen Storc)
Stranded (2014, Peter Moorhead) a Team Party Wagon
Team Xtreme: Operación Desastre Climático a The Black Mirror
The Black Tower a The Furthest Station
The Gallery a The Mystery at Greveholm 2: The Journey to Planutus
The Mystery at Greveholm 3: The Old Legend a The Survivors
The Sword & the Rose a Tiny Toons Adventures: Buster y las Alubias Mágicas
Tiny Toon Adventures a Turbo Trax (1995, Arcane)
Turks' Quest: Heir to the Planet a Vacuum Cleaner Gone Mad!
Vagrant Story a WeiRd: Truth is Stranger than Fiction
Weird Island a Xoborg Studios
Xoron a ЯR
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