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Citrodesign EntertainmentCityCity (1982, Docimodus)
City (1983, Interface Publications)City (1984, King Software)City (Ben Chandler)
City DefenceCity Interactive
City of SecretsCity of Secrets (2003, Emily Short)
City of Secrets (2009, Aidem Media)
City of Secrets 2: Episode 1City QuestCiven Studios
CJ EntertainmentClaireClam Man
ClandestinyClanworksClan DLAN
ClarisseClash of ForcesClass6 Interactive
Classica EntertainmentClassroom Graffiti ProductionsClass Notes
ClaymationClay AgentClay Dreams
CleanmanClearWater InteractiveCleopatra: El Destino de una Reina
Cleveland 1968Clever's Games
Clever & SmartClickBOOM InteractiveClicknpoint Games
ClickShake GamesClickStartClickteam
Clickteam FusionClickyPointyClick & Create
Clifftop & FaravidClifftop Games
Cliff Danger
Climax StudiosClipper SoftwareClip Goes to Town
Cloak and Dagger GamesClock TowerClock Tower (1995, Human Entertainment)
Clock Tower (1996, Human Entertainment)Clock Tower 3
Clock Tower II: The Struggle WithinClotilde Soffritti in: Never Buy a Used SpaceshipClover
Clown's SecretClown at the Circus
CLR LicencewareClub Super3
CluedoCluedo: Ilusión Mortal
Cluedo (1996, 3T Productions)Cluedo (2008, EA Mobile)
ClueFinders: Mystery Mansion ArcadeClueFinders: Mystery of the Monkey Kingdom
ClueFinders: The Incredible Toy Store Adventure
ClueFinders Math Adventures: Mystery of the HimalayasClueFinders Reading Adventures: Mystery of the Missing Amulet
ClueFinders Search & Solve AdventuresClue (1992, Sculptured Software)
Cmdr GamesCMK StudiosCMMN CLRS
CMY EngineCMY Multimedia
Coati Gurí Guazú en la SelvaCobble Games
Cobra's ArcCobra's Arc RemakeCobra Soft
Coconut Island GamesCocos
COCOSOLACoco Coq in Grostesteing's BaseCóctel Software
CODE-8Code-Name: ICEMANCodemasters
Codename: Eagle
Codename EntertainmentCoderbattle: Quest for the Whole Game
CodetenCode Name Hell SquadCodo Technologies
Cody's Nightmare VacationCody Crazy HalloweenCody Halloween Rescue
Cody Jones Crazy ZooCody Jones y la Fábrica de ChocolateCody Jones y la Isla de la Muerte
Cody Saw GameCoffee QuestCoffee Soft
CogneticsCognition: An Erica Reed Thriller
Coktel EducativeCoktel Vision
Coladia GamesCola Skunkette: A Bit of CleanupColditz
Colditz (1984, Phipps Associates)Colditz (1986, Soracom)Colditz (2010, NM Soft)
Cold Case FilesCold Case Summer
Cold MeatCold StorageColeco
ColecoVisionColeco AdamColeco Telstar
Coleco Telstar ArcadeColestiaColibri Games
Coline et le Trésor de la Mouette NoireColin Simpson Leaves EmploymentCollection of Most Awful Things that Could Ever Happen on St. Valentine's Day
Colonthree EnterprisesColoradoColors Arti Multimediali
Color TV-GameColossal AdventureColossal Cave (1994)
Colossal Cave (2006, Intelligent-Digital)Colossal Cave Adventure (2007)Colossal Cave Adventure (2009, EC Software Consulting)
Colossal PicturesColour GenieColumbus 4: Der Fluch Von Oak Island
Columnae: A Past Under ConstructionColumns
Columns (1989, Jay Geertson)Columns (1990, SEGA)Columns (1992, John Rotenstein)
Columns (Chris Christensen)Columns (John Rotenstein)Coma
ComecocosComedy Central
Comedy QuestComerComet
Comet (2010, So Game Software)Comet (Motor)Come Back
Comic ArtCommander Blood
Commander KeenCommander Keen Enters RON
Commandos: Behind Enemy LinesCommandos 2: Men of CourageCommand & Conquer
Command & Conquer: Red AlertCommand & Conquer: Red Alert 2Command & Conquer: Renegade
Command & Conquer: Tiberian SunCommand & Conquer: Tiberian Sun 2
Command & Conquer: Tiberian TwilightCommand & Conquer: Tiberium WarsCommissar's Contrapasso
Commodore 128Commodore 16
Commodore 64Commodore Business Machines
Commodore CBM-IICommodore CDTVCommodore Educator 64
Commodore InternationalCommodore LCDCommodore MAX Machine
Commodore PET/CBMCommodore Plus/4
Commodore SX-64Commodore VIC-20ComonGames
Companions of XanthCompedia Software & Hardware
CompensationCompiler SoftwareComposer
Compro GamesComptiq
Compton's New MediaCompucolorCompucolor 8001
Compucolor IICompulink
Compulsion GamesComputec Media
Computer's DreamComputer Assisted TrainingComputer Gaming World
Computer Hoy JuegosComputer Novel Construction Set
Computer Power & LightComrade CitizenConada Soft
Conan O'Brien vs. BearConarium
Concrete UdderConde Entertainment SoftwareCondor Software
ConexionesConfessions of a Cat Burglar
Congo the Movie: Descent into ZinjConifer Skunks: Osvald's SurpriseConker Media
ConquestConquests of Camelot: The Search for the Grail
Conquests of the Longbow: The Legend of Robin HoodConquest (1983, Windmill Software)Conquest (1984, Duncan Nightingale)
Conquest (1992, David Burns)Conquest (1995, Black Flag)
Conspiracies II: Lethal NetworksConspiracy: Below-Zero
Conspiracy: The Deadlock Files
Conspiracy of SongoConspirocracyConstance the Barbarian
Construct (engine)
Continuous Software SystemsContinuumContinuum (1990, Infogrames)
Continuum (2013, Centre NAD)ContraContradiction
Contradiction (2015, Baggy Cat)Contradiction (2017, Michi)
ContrastContra III: The Alien WarsConundrum Cove
Convict GamesCool Spot
Coombe Valley SoftwareCOP: The GameCopinstar
Coraje Saw GameCoraline y la Puerta SecretaCorbomite Games
Corby's Murder MysteryCorby Designs
Cordero TV
Corel CorporationCore DesignCorn2D Engine
Cornelius Cat in: How the Cat Saved ChristmasCornelius Cat in: The Uncontrollable PestCornelsen Software
Corona (motor)Corrosion: Cold Winter WaitingCorrupt
CorruptionCorsariosCorto Maltese: Secrets of Venice
Cosa NostraCosmic FamilyCosmic Osmo's Hex Isle
Cosmic Osmo and the Worlds Beyond the MackerelCosmic SpaceheadCosmic Void

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