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EnkiEnkian GamesEnlightened Games
Enrica CorsarellaEnsambladorEnsenaSoft
Enterprise (1987, IC & D)Enterprise (1991, ARC Software)Enterprise (Ordenador)
Enterprise (ZX Spectrum, German, Shoot-em-up)Entertainment & Computer ProductsEntertainment Forge
Enter the Story: Volume 1 - Victor Hugo's Les MisérablesEnter the Story: Volume 2 - Dante's Divine ComedyEnter the Story: Volume 3 - Genesis of the Gods
Enter the Story: Volume 4 - A Tale of Two CitiesEnter the Story: Volume 5 - The Count of Monte CristoEnter the Story: Volume 6 - The Picture of Dorian Grey
Entex Adventure VisionEntex IndustriesEntex Select-A-Game
Entidad 3DEntityEntity (1993, Loriciel)
Entity (1994, New Entry)Entity (2000, DAS Software)Entombed
Entombed (1982, Western Technologies)Entombed (1985, Ultimate - Play The Game)Entombed (1994, Chaos Concepts)
Entombed (2010, Fun Guy Media)Entrapment
Epic Games
Epic Llama Games
Epic Metal Knights: Breakfast QuestEpic Metal Knights: War, Love and Other Nonsense
Epic Multimedia GroupEpileptic FishEpoch
Epoch Cassette VisionEpoch ElectrotennisEpoch Game Pocket Computer
Epoch Super Cassette VisionEpsilon 9: The Revenge of the Stingons
Epsilon GamesEpyxEquestrian Dreamers
Equilibrium: Out of TimeEQ Studios
Erbe SoftwareErevosERE Informatique
Éric ChahiEric the AnteaterEric the Unready
Erk: Adventures in Stone Age Real Estate
Ernie's Big AdventureErnie's Big Adventure IIErotica Island
Erotic ByteErrandErroneous
Erytheia: La Venganza de GeriónEscape
Escape! (1982, Jenny Tyler)Escape! (1984, Andrew Biglin)Escape: House of Fear
Escape (1982, Daniel Isaaman)Escape (1982, ICL)Escape (1983, Malcolm E. Evans)
Escape (1984, AF)Escape (1984, Antony Trenker)Escape (1984, Simon Rigden)
Escape (1985, Bantam Software)Escape (1987, Tom D. Frost)Escape (1988, Eric B. Lindros)
Escape (1989, Dirk Mayer)Escape (1992, A. Price)Escape (1996, May-Be Soft)
Escape (2000, Norman L. Crossfield)Escape (2002, ACZ Productions)Escape (2006, Rudolph Uebe)
Escape del Le ParcEscape From 26Escape From a Small Room 1: The Walls are Closing in
Escape from ColditzEscape from DeliriumEscape from Evergreen Forest
Escape from Hammy Town!Escape From Lurrilous
Escape from Pleasure PlanetEscape from the Chaotic City
Escape from the Crunch NightEscape from the Desert
Escape from the GarageEscape from the Haunted HouseEscape from the Salem Moons
Escape from the SalesmanEscape from the Tomb of BougdahEscape from the Zombie City
Escape from WeihnachtenEscape from Woomera
Escape Inc.Escape LalaEscape Lala II
Escape QuestEscape the BarnEscape the Game
Escape the Hellevator!Escape the RoomEscape the Ship
Escape to CivilizationEscaping the PrisonEselmir and the Five Magical Gifts
EsklavosESofnetEspasa Calpe
ESPER: The Town on the Edge of DarknessESP SoftEssex Interactive Media
EssiaEstar GuarsEsther and the Fallen Star
Etchers Squared GamesEternally UsEternal Chrysalis
Eternal DarknessEternamEteru Studio
Ethan 2068Ethereal Darkness InteractiveEther One
Ethrea DreamsÉtranges LibellulesETS Entwicklerteam Slaby
Eugene OneginEureka Multimedia
EuropaEuropa (1984, Antonio Fernández Alonso)Europa (1985, VideoSpectrum)
Europa (Compañía)European Super League
Europe (1985, 16/48 Tape Magazine)Europress SoftwareEuroVideo Medien
EutechnyxEvany: La Llave a los Mundos Distantes
Evenings on a Farm near DikankaEvenings on a Farm near Dikanka 2Event Horizon Software
Everlight: Elfos al PoderEverlight ForestEverybody's Gone to the Rapture
Everyday GreyEverything that Begins with an MEvidence
EvilEvillodgeEvil (2008, Twin Moon)
Evil Cat GamesEvil Days of Luckless JohnEvil Enterprises
Evil Grog GamesEvil InsectsEvocation: Oltre il Sogno
Evocation: The ChallengeEvocation 2: Il Sogno
EvolutionEvolutionary PublishingEvolution (1982, Sydney Development)
Evolution (1983, Microsphere)Evolution (1986, Vortex Software)Evolution (2007, Twilight Games)
Evolution (Ilios Productions)EvontureEvryware
Excalibur 2555 ADExcitebikeExelvision EXL 100
Exelweiss EntertainmentExEnExgenesis
Exidy SorcererExile
Exile (1988, Renovation Game)Exile (1988, Superior Software)Exile (2002, Jose Rafael Perez)
Exile (Audiogenic Software)ExitExit: A Biodelic Adventure
Exit (2005, Taito)Exit (2005, Willy Dumaz)
Exit (Compañía)Exogenesis: Perils of RebirthExordium Games
ExortusExozet BerlinExozet Games
Expediente ÑExpediente Ñ (1998, Parallel Entertainment)Expediente Ñ (2005, Carlos Arts Studios)
Expeditionen ins Tierreich für Kinder
Expera Game StudioExperience112
Experiment (2001, Stevens Software)Expert SoftwareExplora III: Sous le Signe du Serpent
Exposed RealityExpression StudiosExpressive Game Lab
ExtaseExtremaExtreme Violence
ExtricationExtropia GamesExxos
Ex MachinaEx Machina (2009, Eric Poole)Eyeball2D
Eyesodic GamesEyes of the Jade SphinxEye of Horus
Eye of the BeholderEye of the Beholder II: The Legend of DarkmoonEye of the Beholder III: Assault on Myth Drannor
Ezhaac StudioF-15 Strike Eagle
F-ZeroF.B.I. ConfidencialF.E.A.R
F.E.A.R.F.E.A.R. 2F/A-18 Interceptor
F1F1-RacerF17 Challenge
F1 LicencewareF29 RetaliatorF2 Company
Fabel KommunikationFaberge EggsFabio Ratti Publishing
FableFable: The Lost ChaptersFable (1996, Simbiosis Interactive)
Fable (2004, Big Blue Box Studios)Fable IIFable III
Fable II (Limited Collector's Edition)Fable II (Platinum Hits)Facepuncher Worldwide
Face NoirFachhochschule Hannover
Factor 5FadeFading Shades
Fad of Devil's HashFahrenheitFahrenheit (1995, SEGA Studios)
Fahrenheit (2005, Quantic Dream)Fahrenheit 451
Fairchild Channel FFairchild SemiconductorFairfield Software
FairyTaleFairy ForestFairy Tales about Toshechka and Boshechka
Fairy Tale about Father Frost, Ivan and Nastya
Fake ProductionsFake the Moon LandingFallen Angel
Fallen Angel (1989, Emerald Software)Fallen Angel (2006, Peder Johnsen)Fallen Angel Industries
Fallen Feather StudioFallen HeroFallen Soldier
Falling DarkFalling Lights: The CryptFalling Skywards
FalloutFallout (1991, Brad P. Taylor)
Fallout (1997, Black Isle Studios)Fallout 2Fallout 3
Fallout TacticsFalsches Spiel mit Eddy M.
Falsely Profound GamesFalse Bike
Family Channel
Family FundayFanbotsFancy Fish Games
Fantasia SoftFantasia SystemsFantasma de Medianoche
Fantastic, yesFantastic SimulationsFantasy Forces

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