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Instruments of Chaos Starring Young Indiana JonesINSYS Informations-Systeme
Integral MediaIntelecto MetalIntellectual Software
Intellectual Software ConsultantsIntellect SoftwareIntelliCreations
IntelliGame OyIntelligent-DigitalIntelligent Games
Interacting ArtsInteractive Binary IllusionsInteractive Entertainment
Interactive Fantastic FictionInteractive Girls ClubInteractive Publishing
Interactive StoneInteractive Telecommunications Program at New York University's Tisch School of the ArtsInterActive Vision
Interact Home Computer
InterAxIntergalactic DevelopmentIntergalactic Life
Intergalactic Life 2.0Intergalactic Space Pancake!Intermezzo Software
International Computer EntertainmentInternational Karate PlusInternational Ninja Rabbits
Interpreted Game Script LanguageInterprogIntersoft
InterstelInterstellar BordersInterton Video 2000
InterWeave EntertainmentInterWorksInto Eternity
Into the GloomInto the LightInto the Wild
IntraCorpIntrigue at Oakhaven PlantationIntrogash
IntruderIntruder (1983, U.T.S.)Intruder (1985, Luis G. Pareras)
Intruder (2009, SugarCube)Intruder AlertIntuit by Design
Invasion of the Space Aliens Who Are Not from Earth but from Some Other PlanetInventecInvention
Investi-Gator: The Case of the Big CrimeInvestronica
Invincible Island RemakeIn 80 Days Around the WorldIn Bloom
In Bred with RednexIn Cubation
In Fear I TrustIn LimboIn Memoriam
In Memoriam 2: The Last RitualIn Shadow of Time
In SpaceIn the 1st DegreeIn the Beginning
In the CaveIn the Dead of NightIn the End of November
In the Keeper's ShadowIn the Raven ShadowIn the Raven Shadow 2
In Utero
In Vacanza con SylviaIo-InteractiveIonFx Studios
IOSIPadIperurania Arts
IQue PlayerIQ Media NordicIQ Publishing
IraIris.FallIronCode Gaming
Irony Curtain: From Matryoshka with LoveIron Roses
Iron WillyIrresponsible GamesIrrlicht
Isaac Asimov's Robots of DawnIsabella Coq: A Present for my DadIsabelle
Isart DigitalIshtar GamesIsis
Island (2009, Joe Townsend)Island Bar GamesIsland Dream
Island of Secrets (2012, John Redant)Island Quest (2002, OneThinkingGal)
Island SoftwareIsla GamesIsles of Derek
Isle of RightIslona Entertainment
ISN: Kill!Isoland
Isoland 2: Ashes of TimeIsometric Dreams
Istvan Pely ProductionsIsxem GamesIt's Anecdotal
It's a Bugs LifeIt's a Shore ThingIt's Just a RON-Game
ITACAItalian Night 1999Itch
ITE MediaITnB-Development
It Came for ZogIt Came from the DesertIt Came from the Desert (1989, Cinemaware)
It Came from the Desert (1992, Cinemaware)IT Group
It on the HillIvanoff Interactive
Ivan "Iron Man" Stewart's Super Off RoadIvan Lozhkin: Price of Freedom
Ivan the Prince and Wolf the GreyIveson Software
IVI PublishingIvory IntellectIvy Games
IWorldIWWHIIWWHITOMIROTPG: The Game!Ix Entertainment
IzzYGamesIz and Auggie: Escape from Dimension QI Can't Sleep in Silence
I Can't Sleep in Silence: It's Always DarkestI Fell from Grace
I Forgot...I Have no Mouth, and I Must ScreamI Luv Earl
I Misteri di MaggiaI Must Kill...: Fresh MeatI Need a Wee!
I Puzzi in a Dirty Smelly BirthdayI Rescued Elvis From Communist Alien JerksI Spy (2001, Anthony Hahn)
I Spy II (2001, AGA Games)I Walked a Path
I Want CandyI Want Out!I was a Cannibal for the FBI
I Was a Vegas Showgirl!I•Motion
J-SoftJ.B. Harold: Blue Chicago BluesJ.B. Harold 3: D.C. Connection
J.B. Harold Series 2: Manhattan Requiem - Angels Flying in the DarkJ.U.L.I.A.J.U.L.I.A.: Among the Stars
JabatoJacinto Jones
Jackson LibriJack & Julia: VampyrJack (2014, Les Mayers)
Jack el DestripadorJack el Destripador (2004, Galiléa)
Jack Haunt: Old Haunting GroundsJack Houston and the NecronautsJack in the Dark
Jack Keane: Al Rescate del Imperio Británico
Jack Keane 2: The Fire WithinJack Murphy: NYPD
Jack Orlando: Una Aventura Cinematográfica
Jack the Ripper (1987, St. Bride's School)Jack the Ripper (1995, Intergalactic Development)
Jack Trasheater: Chapter I - Pain House!Jack Trekker: Somewhere in Egypt
JacobJacob: Vertigo Addict's Cut
Jacob JanerkaJacqueline White: Bad Trouble in the Red DesertJacqueline White: Curse of the Mummies
Jacqueline White: Curse of the MummyJagged Alliance
Jaguar XJ220Jahangir Khan's World Championship Squash
Jail BreakJail House Breakdown
Jai AlaiJake's Very Last JourneyJake Soft
JalecoJam-Games.NETJames Bond: Who Wants to Live Again?
James BondageJames Clavell's ShogunJames Clavell's Shogun (1986, Virgin Games)
James Clavell's Shogun (1988, Infocom)James in NeverlandJames Peris: Sin Licencia ni Control
James Peris 2James Peris es el Agente 00,5
Jamie System DevelopmentJamming with Grandma
JAM ProductionsJane Jensen
Jane the BarbarianJanosikJanosik (1994, Midnight Computer Games)
Janosik (2013, Rafał Miazga)
Jan Pieńkowski: La Casa EmbrujadaJapanese Garden Escape
Jara-Tava: The Isle of FireJason and the Golden Apple
Jason the Greek: The Ladies of LemnosJava
JavaScriptJava Jo's Koffee Stand!Javier Hernández
JazznicJazzpunkJazz and Faust
Jeanne D'ArcJeff's QuestJeff Jet: Abenteuer Infohighway
Jeff Tunnell ProductionsJekyll & HydeJekyll & Hyde (2001, In Utero)
Jekyll & Hyde (2010, Pixelcage)Jen's Quest
JengoJenito Games
Jennifer WildeJenny LeClue: Detectivú
Jeremy SouleJerry's Merry Christmas
Jerry McPartlin in: Rebel with a CauseJersey Cow Software
Jerusalen: Los 3 Caminos de la Ciudad Santa
Jessica Plunkenstein and the Dusseldorf ConspiracyJesús y Compañía
JetDogs StudiosJet Pilot
Jewels II: The Ultimate ChallengeJewels of DarknessJewels of the Oracle
JH-GamesJiggy Jiggy Uh! Uh!
Jim's Quest 1: The Phantom ThesisJimm's Quest III: Lesko's RevengeJimmy's Day
Jimmy's Fantastic JourneyJimmy in: The Alien AttackJimmy Jam
Jimmy the TroublemakerJimmy White's Whirlwind SnookerJimmy Willburne: A la Recherche du Peigne Perdu

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