The Adventures of Stanley "Frankfurter" Jones

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Mundial 18 Dic 2012
Styop Quoons
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The Adventures of Stanley Frankfurter Jones - Stanley Frankfurter Jones.jpg Stanley "Frankfurter" Jones Age 36. Intrepid hero of the story. An undercover agent of a special branch of the FBI (you're better off not knowing which one), Stanley's humble appearance and frequently coarse demeanor belie a sharp and cunning intellect, one that has made him a valued member of the Bureau.
The Adventures of Stanley Frankfurter Jones - Trunks McCullogh.jpg Trunks McCullogh Age 39. Head of the McCullogh household. Though he might not look it, Trunks is an avid fan of literature, and an aspiring writer himself. What insidious deeds might his lofty dreams have motivated him to commit?
The Adventures of Stanley Frankfurter Jones - Sassy Mae McCullogh.jpg Sassy Mae McCullogh Age 37. Wife of Trunks and mother of Stinky Pete. On the outside, Sassy Mae appears to be a perfectly ordinary suburban housewife. But appearances can be deceiving in this house…
The Adventures of Stanley Frankfurter Jones - Stinky Pete McCullogh.jpg Stinky Pete McCullogh Age 13. Son of Trunks and Sassy Mae, and a student at a local middle school. Although his teachers would never describe him as a clever lad, Pete possesses a certain low cunning that is not to be overlooked.
The Adventures of Stanley Frankfurter Jones - Nancy Harrison.jpg Nancy Harrison Age ?? Stanley’s faithful secretary. Quick-witted and dependable, Nancy has proven time and time again that behind every great field agent is a chick who sits at a desk. Day or night, rain or shine, Nancy is always there to provide assistance and advice whenever she is needed.

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Este juego pertenece a la serie Frankfurter Series - Logo.png Frankfurter
The Adventures of Stanley "Frankfurter" Jones
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