The Naked Gun: International Crime Unit Police

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The Naked Gun - International Crime Unit Police - Portada.jpg
Naked Gun: ICUP
(Última act.: Sep 2011)
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¡Un acercamiento de la exitosa franquicia clásica a las nuevas generaciones! Naked Gun: ICUP cerrarará la brecha entre las aventuras clásicas (inspiradas por LucasArts y Sierra) con las modernas plataformas de medios sociales y la funcionalidad del juego.

El juego está planteado como una aventura clásica dividida en seis episodios que aparecerán mensualmente.

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Icono Nombre Descripción
The Naked Gun - International Crime Unit Police - Frank Drebin Jr.jpg Frank Drebin Jr. With Frank on the job, crime has the upper hand. Frank Jr. has followed in his father's inept footsteps and become a police officer at Police Squad I.C.U.P. unit. He's everything his father was and more, which isn't necessarily a good thing. In a world where hindsight is 20/20, Frank is more like 60/40 with a bad stigmatism and a very big gun.

He's single. Likes chocolate ripple ice cream and long walks in the woods.

The Naked Gun - International Crime Unit Police - Ed.jpg Ed I.C.U.P.'s intrepid commander transferred from Scotland Yard. Still not used to carrying a firearm, and has various wounds from self-inflicted gunshots. He's never met a cop he didn't like save a few in the I.C.U.P. squad. Long after the demise of porn theatres, he still favors long trench coats. Spends most of his day trying to keep Frank on the right path, usually unsuccessfully. He ends up paying the price for all of Frank's screw-ups. He's addicted to hand-sanitizer.
The Naked Gun - International Crime Unit Police - Norberg.jpg Norberg Norberg has anger issues. He has a murky past and an even murkier future. He's constantly asking Frank if he can "fuck some shit up". For the most part, Norberg is a liability until brute justice needs to meted out then he's Frank's go to guy.
The Naked Gun - International Crime Unit Police - Ellen.jpg Ellen Our Female Criminal Analyst. Top of her class and the youngest member of I.C.U.P., she is razor sharp and quick to make an analysis of the crime scene. She's always quick on the conclusions and she's usually dead wrong. Still, she's an invaluable member of the team. With her switchblade tongue, she always throws in her two cents in the form of over-hip insults and observations. Her and Frank are like gas and matches. Sparks may eventually fly.
The Naked Gun - International Crime Unit Police - Estaban Miranda.jpg Estaban Miranda The Chem Specialist and Bi-Linguist who is colossally annoying. He is a Latin hipster who likes the ladies and maybe the men. He serves a dual role as the resident drug expert/buyer and translator. He's always dressed meticulously and very metrosexual as if he were on the way to some dance club for a "little late night cocktail", something he's always proposing to Ellen. Miranda is Frank's go to guy for dangerous undercover work, partly because he's good at it and partly because if Frank gets lucky, he just might get whacked in the process.
The Naked Gun - International Crime Unit Police - Ken Wong.jpg Ken Wong The Tech Guy. His name may be Wong, but he's mister right when it comes to gadgets. He's always altering Ted's inventions in some way(as if they weren't bad enough), usually to disastrous results. His hands are registered lethal weapons, because at just over five feet tall he needs all the help he can get. He'll pop into Frank Jr.'s life from time to time to dispense sometimes useful and most times useless bits of wisdom.

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