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Otro mod de los importes se ha actualizado hoy, en este caso para X-Com: The X-Com Files.

- New palette (by Brain_322).
- 16 new faces (by Osobist).
- New weapons: Portable Laser Cannon (bigob by Rockfish, slightly altered), Portable Turbolaser Cannon (bigob by Brain_322), Laser SMG (graphics by Brain_322), Laser Sniper Rifle (bigob by Brain_322; old Laser Sniper Rifle renamed to Turbolaser Sniper Rifle).
- New ammo: BlackOps CAWS Baton Clip.
- New missions: Ethereal Retaliation, MiB Lunar Base.
- New UFOs: Arbiter (map and sprite by Brain_322), Dreadnought (map by Wolverin, sprite by Brain_322).
- New terrain: Autumn Forest (recolor by Brain_322), for The Sound of Graves.
- 1 new Urban map (by Dioxine).
- 2 new Postindustrial maps (by Dioxine).
- 2 new Jungle maps (by Dioxine).
- 1 new Cult Safehouse.
- 2 new Cult Outposts (by Brain_322).
- 2 new Dimension X Outpost buildings (by Dioxine).
- 2 new Mansion map variants (by Brain_322).
- New building map for the Syndicate Assassination (by Brain_322).
- New reload sounds for most weapons (thanks to Dioxine and Brain_322 for some resources).
- New MiB-related research.
- Many new Ufopaedia illustrations (one by Bloax, one by Brain_322).
- Some paperdoll improvements (by Talpiot).
- Updated character sets.
- Added MiB Psi Ops armor processing.
- Interceptor now carries Heavy Rockets instead of Light Rockets.
- Kitsune requires Advanced Intelligence Center.
- Pilots attacking hunter-killer UFOs now have a chance to survive.
- Many enemy vehicles show their mission details even without the Hyper-Wave Decoder (scripting by Yankes).
- Removed Ethereals from some missions.
- Decreased the chances for manors to appear by 33%.
- Manors usually start at level 1, regardless of time passed.
- Black Lotus Party lasts longer.
- Scorpoids are somewhat stealthy.
- Added MiB Shock Trooper Armor Adaptation.
- Removed redundant Alloy Vest fist attacks.
- Cleaned up Counter-Terrorist sprite.
- Switched to battlescape palette.
- Fixed Keystone commendation.
- Fixed some spawns in the Academy Tower.
- Fixed routes on some Vampire Castle maps (by Dioxine).
- Fixed Salt Pile being researchable without the item.
- Fixed psi vision on the Liquidator for hybrids.
- Fixed Televised Ghost Hunt building.
- Fixed Alien Downtown Attack alien race.
- Minor fixes and tweaks.