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Mundial 3 Nov 2009
Inglés Francés Japonés
3ª persona
Mac Windows


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Big Brain Wolf es una divertida aventura point-and-click para los amantes de los puzles. El jugador se pondrá en la piel de un lobo asmático vegetariano que está estudiando para convertirse en un genio. A lo largo de sus aventuras el jugador se encontrará con todo un elenco de divertidos personajes famosos y resolverá dieciséis puzles diferentes. Seis ejercicios para entrenar la mente, diseñados por neurocientíficos y con un alto grado de rejugabilidad dotarán al jugador de importantes pistas para ayudarle a resolver puzles todavía más complicados.

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Big Brain Wolf - Wolf.jpg Wolf Asthmatic, out of shape, vegetarian, this wolf is a very unlikely hero. Since his early childhood, he differs from all the other wolfs. He prefers mental challenges to the traditional physical altercations, and enjoys a good game of chess while snacking on a good celery branch. Studying to become a genie was a logical choice for this unconventional hero.
Big Brain Wolf - Genie.jpg Genie Sent by the Genie academy, Genie is there to insure Wolf's graduation, and maintain his training. With bipolar tendencies, this holographic character is sure to create drama wherever possible.
Big Brain Wolf - Mama.jpg Mama This is Wolf's mother. This charismatic character quickly became the leader of the infamous Wolf Pack.
Big Brain Wolf - The Wolf Pack.jpg The Wolf Pack These are members of the infamous Wolf Pack. Everything they do revolve around the lupine activity of people-eating.
Big Brain Wolf - Pinocchio.jpg Pinocchio He is, without a doubt, the worst defense attorney the kingdom has ever seen. Perhaps that his incapacity to tell a lie plays against him.
Big Brain Wolf - Gepetto.jpg Gepetto Pinocchio's father or… creator, is the kingdom's greatest inventor. From mechanical toothpicks to heated slippers, if there's a problem, Gepetto has the solution.
Big Brain Wolf - Sara and the Black Sheeps.jpg Sara and the Black Sheeps This beautiful lady is the leader of the Black Sheep. Always ready to protest against oppression, she often gets in trouble with the authorities.
Big Brain Wolf - Little Red Riding Hood.jpg Little Red Riding Hood She is the kingdom's actual regent. No one ever knows exactly what she is thinking about, what are her plans, but her cute and cuddly predispositions always made her an indisputable crowd favorite.
Big Brain Wolf - Tom Thumb.jpg Tom Thumb As little as he may be, Tom has ears everywhere. There's not a butterfly that lands without this guy knowing about it.
Big Brain Wolf - The Charmings.jpg The Charmings The kingdom's police force.

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