La Fuga de Deponia

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Reino Unido 29 Jun 2012
España 27 Sep 2012
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19,95 €
3ª persona
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iOS Linux Mac Nintendo Switch PlayStation 4 Windows
Xbox One
PEGI +12
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Rufus no es un tipo agradable. Malhumorado y convencido de su propia grandeza, vive en las proximidades de un pequeño asentamiento en alguna parte del sector basurero más remoto del planeta Deponia.

Sueña con llevar una vida mejor en las ricas y hermosas ciudades flotantes que se encuentran por encima de la superficie del planeta. Cuando como resultado de uno de sus intentos fallidos por alcanzar el espacio, la angelical Goal cae de las privilegiadas esferas al vecino montón de basura, Rufus ve su oportunidad.

Él decide llevar a la belleza inconsciente de vuelta a su casa a cambio de una vida de lujo. Sin embargo, la entrega planeada pronto se disolverá en una persecución llena de enigmas perplejos y confusiones desconcertantes…

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Chaos on Deponia - Rufus.jpg Rufus There is a lot to say about Rufus, but not much of it positive. He is a selfish, ill-tempered egocentric who believes that he is destined for something better. He has no regard of others and when somebody gets hurt during one of his poorly conceived and constantly backfiring plans Rufus is totally unable to admit that it is his fault. Rufus is surrounded by chaos. He is a magnetic for catastrophe. The nicest thing you could say about him is that he does not intend to harm anybody, but this is only because he does not care about anyone but himself. That is until he meets Goal…
Chaos on Deponia - Goal.jpg Goal Goal is the iconic girl from the upper spheres Rufus falls in love with. She is beautiful, amiable, good-hearted and clever. But Rufus wouldn't know in the first place, because she is rendered unconscious after she falls onto the surface just before their first encounter. Her brain implant is damaged. Due to this he can project his idea of perfection onto her: a noble maiden from above in need of rescue.
Chaos on Deponia - Toni.jpg Toni Toni is Rufus' ex-girlfriend and has little good to say about him. She enjoys seeing Rufus suffer severe injuries in his attempts to escape from Deponia. But in her heart, Toni is basically a good person. She continues to support Rufus, not having the heart to leave him out to dry. After all, he wouldn't last two days, if he didn't have her to mooch off.
Chaos on Deponia - Wenzel.jpg Wenzel Wenzel is Rufus' sidekick, at least that's what Rufus thinks. In fact, Wenzel is more like a parasite: He supports Rufus in his attempts to escape from Deponia only because he wouldn't want to miss Rufus' spectacular failures, crash-landings, explosions and painful bone fractures. He also fancies it a good way of getting rid of Rufus once and for all, having had an eye on Rufus' possessions – as pitiful as they may be – for quite a while.
Chaos on Deponia - Gizmo.jpg Gizmo The small community of Kuvaq likes to keep its bureaucratic apparatus slick and efficient. That's why the positions of police inspector, doctor and fire department are all united in one person: Gizmo. He fulfills his duties – more or less – admirably and both he as well as his equipment are very versatile.
Chaos on Deponia - Bailiff Argus.jpg Bailiff Argus The obtuse bureaucrat Bailiff Argus is a practical man of respect with military manners, devoid of humour. He is the right hand man of the evil Chief Control Council Shellert, who rules the powerful bureaucratic force only known as "the Organon". Argus and his cronies are sent to hunt down Rufus and return Goal to the Elysian spheres.

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