EcoQuest: The Search for Cetus

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EcoQuest: Die Suche nach Cetus
Le Secret de la Cité Engloutie
Español Inglés Alemán Francés Italiano
Disquete 5.25" x4
Disquete 3.5" x4
3ª persona


Adam es el hijo de un buceador ecologista, regente de un centro veterinario para animales marinos. El chaval no es muy sociable, y para que se entretenga su padre le dice que "trabaje" con un delfín convaleciente que ha llegado hace unos días enredado en unas redes. Adam se pone a jugar con el animal, siguiendo las instrucciones de su padre, y después de unos minutos de cucamonas y saltitos el cetáceo le sorprende iniciando una conversación.

El bicho dice llamarse Delphineus y asegura que hay una civilización sumergida en las aguas que necesita la ayuda de un campeón, ya que su rey, una enorme ballena de nombre Cetus, ha desaparecido. Cetus filtraba el agua, mantenía alejados los residuos e imponía el orden en la ciudad de Eluria. Ahora, la metrópoli subacuática está llena de las porquerías que al ser humano se le antoja tirar al mar y los habitantes empiezan a temer por su subsistencia, que además de por la contaminación se ve amenazada por una enorme y siniestra manta-raya a la que han apodado "el Carnívoro".

Adam se compadece del pueblo de Eluria y se une al delfín en su búsqueda (de ahí lo de EcoQuest) que, como habréis podido imaginar, no estará exenta de complicaciones.


Adam Greene Adam Greene Adam Greene Noah Greene Delphineus Erroneous Gregarious

EcoQuest - The Search for Cetus - View157-0.png Though he first presents himself to Adam as THE GREAT SENATOR, savior of Eluria, Superfluous is nothing more than a small insecure hermit crab hiding behind a golden mask. He is the mayor of Eluria, but the sea creatures won't listen to him and are too afraid to even leave their apartments. He doesn't trust Adam either, since he's human, but that soon changes when Adam gives him a shiny large shell to replace his old small home. He makes Adam his depute mayor, allowing Adam to visit the other fishes and invite them to a counsel meeting. Demeter is the Guardian of the Greens. It is her job to tend the Royal Gardens and insure that the city has plenty of plants to eat. Unfortunately her garden is all but dead. After Adam dissolves the oil on the whale-shaped coral statue and tells her about his intention to find Cetus, he gains her trust and her last healing potion made from over 30 different sea plants. Epidermis, the angelfish, wouldn't mind going to the meeting but he's got more serious problems to deal with. He's thinking of leaving Eluria because he ran entirely out of food. He only eats one kind of plant and it's entirely covered with algae. It's either starving or becoming shark food for him. Luckily Adam knows that urchins eat algae, so he places them on Epidermis' plant. Hungry as the urchins are, Epidermis' immediately has clean leaves to eat from. In gratitude, the angelfish gives Adam a very sharp shell from his collection. While searching for food Hippocrates, the swordfish, got his snout trapped in the plastic rings from a six-pack of soda. Now he can't move his mouth enough to eat. Adam cuts the plastic off, using his sharp shell. Hippocrates is the chief surgeon of Eluria. In gratitude for Adam's help, he gives him his tweezers.
Narcissus, the French-speaking blowfish, is quite full of himself. Even though Adam saves him from being caught in a plastic baggy, he'd never admit he wouldn't have been able to save himself. He wouldn't admit to never having seen a human either. If it were up to him, he'd even save Cetus and defeat Flesh Eater himself... if he wouldn't be so occupied that is. Narcissus is an artist and he gives Adam his urchins for helping him. It's a modest gift, but the privilege of having met him more than compensates, n'est-ce pas? Erroneous, the turtle, mistakenly swallowed a piece of balloon, probably one of the balloons that the boy on the ship couldn't hold due to the strong wind. As Erroneous has a small throat, he can't breath. Adam uses the tweezers on him to remove it. Erroneous is the professor of most fish in Eluria. The turtle gives Adam also four screws, asking him to dispose of them before other fish think it is food. Gregarious, the manatee, is the watchman of the fish apartments. He doesn't allow Adam to visit the other fishes until he shows the mayor's badge. Being a mammal, he has to go to the surface from time to time to breath. However, he's been holding his breath, refusing to get fresh air, because the propeller of a fisherman's boat has hit him ever time he tried to do so. Adam goes to the surface with him, installing a cage over the propeller, so Gregarious can safely surface whenever he wants. Olympia, the lionfish placed a bottle with chlorine bleach on her table, knocking her out. Adam immediately removes the bottle and uses the water pump near the window to clear the water in her apartment up. Olympia is reluctant to join the meeting because she's afraid she may accidently bump into another fish with her poisonous needles. Adam convinces her to go anyway, as her needles might proof useful. Ingratitude for saving her life, Olympia gives Adam one of her childhood needles, cautioning him that it is still very poisonous. Her needle will be a key in defeating Flesh Eater. EcoQuest - The Search for Cetus - View249-0.png
The fisherman is floating in his boat above the fish apartments, dumping various stuff in the water, including an old but still functional water pump. His propeller also injures Gregarious each time he goes to the surface to breath. Adam talks to him, places a metal cage on his engine and convinces him to stop dumping waste in the sea. Noah Greene: Adam's dad works with the government on developing ecological inventions to help the environment. For example he helps with a sonar tracking experiment that will speed dangerous salvage operations. One day he received a phone call from the director of Ecology Emergency Network with a new assignment: the reef off the coast of St. Julien in the Caribbean is rapidly dying and they want him to track down the problem before it is too late. Adam, an experienced diver who follows into his father's footsteps, joins him. Adam Greene is a 10-year old boy and an experienced diver who follows into his father's footsteps. The protagonist of the game plunges into an incredible underwater adventure. With his new friend, Delphineus the rescued dolphin, Adam discovers the underwater city of Eluria where various sort of sea creatures reside. His goal is to save the city from the pollution, remove the threats of the lack of food and the flesh-eating sea monster, and to find Cetus, the whale king. Adam Greene Delphineus was caught in a fishing net while searching for Cetus. Luckily he was found on time and brought to Adam's father to be taken care off. Adam soon becomes friends with Delphineus who turns out to be able to speak. Adam wants to help the dolphin and goes to Eluria, Delphineus' home, to save the city and find Cetus. Delphineus plays a major role in the game and Adam and him get very attached to each other.

EcoQuest - The Search for Cetus - View106-0.gif EcoQuest - The Search for Cetus - View123-5.gif EcoQuest - The Search for Cetus - View124-2.gif EcoQuest - The Search for Cetus - View182-0.gif EcoQuest - The Search for Cetus - View395-1.gif EcoQuest - The Search for Cetus - View565-0.gif EcoQuest - The Search for Cetus - View853-0.gif EcoQuest - The Search for Cetus - View582-1.gif


  • Primera aventura de Jane Jensen.
  • Traducción al español a nivel amateur por SkaZZ (versión CD con voces y textos en inglés).

Trucos/Huevos de Pascua

  • La clave de la puerta es 9731.
  • Haz click con el icono del ojo dos veces sobre el monitor del ordenador en la habitación de Adam. Muy mal que Adam no tenga tiempo para jugar al King's Quest 5...



En el foro dispones de versiones preinstaladas donde sólo tendrás que descomprimir y ejecutar:

  • Basada en DOSBox y la versión CD.
  • Basada en DOSBox y la versión disquetes.


  • Versión CD:
  1. Montar en DOSBox con imgmount d "...ruta...\EcoQuest - The Search for Cetus.iso"
  2. Instalar con D:\Install y elegimos C como destino. Aceptamos la configuración que nos ofrece. Cuando nos pregunte si queremos instalar al disco duro los archivos de voces respondemos que sí pulsando la y.
  3. Aplicamos la traducción copiando los archivos del parche en la carpeta de instalación sustituyendo todo.
  4. Reiniciar el DOSBox para que surtan efecto los cambios de la traducción. Para ejecutar el juego teclear ECO.
  • Versión Disquetes:
Montar en DOSBox y ejecutar con ECO. Configurar música con Roland y efectos sonoros con SoundBlaster, se puede cambiar con Install.--cireja 15:25 23 sep 2013




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