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Mundial 28 Nov 2017
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Inglés Alemán
29,99 €
3ª persona
Gamepad/Joystick Ratón
Linux Mac PlayStation 4 Windows Xbox One
PEGI +18
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Cuando su padre muere bajo misteriosas circunstancias, David Gordon es convocado a la casa ancestral de su familia, Black Mirror House, para discutir su herencia. Pronto comienza a sufrir de las mismas visiones de pesadillas que llevaron a su padre a poner fin a su propia vida...


David Gordon Dr Farber John Gordon Lady Margaret The Butler The Gardener The Maid The Lawyer Cousin Eddie

Icono Nombre Descripción
Black Mirror - David Gordon2.png David Gordon Name: David William Gordon. Year of birth: 1904. Ancestry: Scotland, born in India

Born and raised in India, David Gordon is a stranger to the dark tragedies that lie hidden in his family’s past. Soon he realizes that the nightmares that plagued his childhood were only a prelude to what awaits him at Black Mirror House…

Black Mirror - Dr Farber2.png Dr Farber Name: Dr Leah Farber. Year of birth: 1901. Ancestry: Austria

As an outsider to the Gordon family and a firm opposer of the occult, Dr Farber tries to help David, while her own belief system is challenged by their experiences.

Black Mirror - John Gordon2.png John Gordon Name: John Roderick Gordon. Year of birth: 1882. Ancestry: Scotland

Estranged from his son David, John has been researching the occult for most of his life, to avoid suffering the same fate as so many of his ancestors. He failed.

Black Mirror - Lady Margaret2.png Lady Margaret Name: Lady Margaret Natalie Gordon. Year of birth: 1854. Ancestry: Scotland

Devoted to her late husband and the history of the Gordon Family, Lady Gordon is sceptical whether David can be a true heir to the Gordon legacy.

Black Mirror - The Butler2.png The Butler Name: Angus McKinnon. Year of birth: 1869. Ancestry: Scotland

Mr McKinnon has worked as the family’s butler ever since he was a young man. His loyalty to Lady Margaret is unquestionable, his loyalty to David is not.

Black Mirror - The Gardener2.png The Gardener Name: Rory Johnstone. Year of birth: 1852. Ancestry: Scotland

Old Rory is nearly blind and prefers to be left alone with his garden work. He knows more about the family’s history than many a family member…

Black Mirror - The Maid2.png The Maid Name: Ailsa Crannan. Year of birth: 1907. Ancestry: Scotland

Miss Crannan is the only maid working in the house. She earns very little, given the dire financial situation of the Gordon family, yet still desperately needs the job and any extra money she can get her hands on.

Black Mirror - The Lawyer2.png The Lawyer Name: Andrew Harrison. Year of birth: 1894. Ancestry: England

The family lawyer, a native of Edinburgh, who is fascinated by the Highlands and the complex history of the Gordon clan. Even though they do not always pay on time, he is happy to work for one of the oldest royal families of Scotland.

Black Mirror - Cousin Eddie2.png Cousin Eddie Name: Edward Jasper Malorie. Year of birth: 1909. Ancestry: Scotland

David’s cousin has spent most of his life at Black Mirror house, raised by Lady Margaret. Thus he considers himself to be a more suitable heir to the house than David could ever be.





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