Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers

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Gabriel Knight - Sins of the Fathers - Portada.jpg
Gabriel Knight: Lucha Contra las Fuerzas Sobrenaturales
USA 17 Dic 1993
España 1994
Español Inglés Alemán Francés Italiano (Traducción amateur) Ruso (Traducción amateur)
10.900 ptas (CD)
Disquete 3.5" x12
3ª persona
DOS Mac Windows 3.x


Gabriel Knight es el último descendiente de una larga línea de Cazadores de sombras, los condenados a luchar contra las fuerzas oscuras de lo sobrenatural. Atormentado por pesadillas terribles, debe pasar cada momento recorriendo las calles laterales y callejones de Nueva Orleans por la clave de su oscuro pasado. Y cuando se duerme, la pesadilla comienza.


  • Las versiones del juego se distribuyeron en disquete y en CD, que incluía como novedad las voces de los diálogos en inglés y algunas secuencias de vídeo. Tanto la versión en disquete como en la versión en CD fueron distribuidas en España con sendas traducciones/subtitulaciones al castellano.
  • Las voces que incluía la versión CD del juego pertenecen a actores con renombre. La voz de Gabriel pertenece al actor Tim Curry (The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Legend, Los tres mosqueteros), la voz del detective Mosely pertenece al actor Mark Hamill (Luke en La Guerra de las Galaxias), y la voz del Dr. John pertenece a Michael Dorn (Star Trek).


Gabriel Knight Grace Nakimura Gabriel Knight - Sins of the Fathers - View236-8.png Gabriel Knight - Sins of the Fathers - View237-8.png Gabriel Knight - Sins of the Fathers - View244-3.png Gabriel Knight - Sins of the Fathers - View245-8.png Gabriel Knight - Sins of the Fathers - View253-8.png Gabriel Knight - Sins of the Fathers - View257-0.png Gabriel Knight - Sins of the Fathers - View261-4.png Gabriel Knight - Sins of the Fathers - View275-8.png Gabriel Knight - Sins of the Fathers - View296-0.png Gabriel Knight - Sins of the Fathers - View307-0.png Gabriel Knight - Sins of the Fathers - View345-2.png Gabriel Knight - Sins of the Fathers - View360-1.png Gabriel Knight - Sins of the Fathers - View362-8.png Gabriel Knight - Sins of the Fathers - View382-8.png Gabriel Knight - Sins of the Fathers - View465-3.png Gabriel Knight - Sins of the Fathers - View509-8.png Gabriel Knight - Sins of the Fathers - View720-4.png Gabriel Knight - Sins of the Fathers - View835-8.png Gabriel Knight - Sins of the Fathers - View2101-3.png Amigo Gabriel Knight - Sins of the Fathers - View2302-2.png Gabriel Knight - Sins of the Fathers - View2342-3.png Gabriel Knight - Sins of the Fathers - View2361-8.png Gabriel Knight - Sins of the Fathers - View3361-0.png Gabriel Knight - Sins of the Fathers - View3362-0.png Gabriel Knight - Sins of the Fathers - View709-8.png Gabriel Knight - Sins of the Fathers - View4831-2.png Gabriel Knight - Sins of the Fathers - View8904-1.png Gabriel Knight - Sins of the Fathers - View8904-2.png Gabriel Knight - Sins of the Fathers - View8906-0.png Gabriel Knight - Sins of the Fathers - View8906-1.png

Icono Nombre Descripción
Gabriel Knight Gabriel Knight Gabriel Knight is a novelist, living in New Orleans. With the money he inherited, he started up a small bookstore "Saint George's Books" where since recently a Japanese/American student, Grace Nakimura, started working as his assistant. In order to obtain inspiration for his novels, Gabriel often goes into the field, investigating real-life cases. In this case, the voodoo murders in New Orleans. What Gabriel however does not know, is that the voodoo tribe is directly linked to his ancestors, a longstanding line of shadow hunters, of which Gabriel is the last, aside from his great uncle, Wolfgang who still resides in Rittersberg, Germany. Gabriel's grandfather moved from Germany to the USA and had his name changed, in order to escape his duty as a Schattenjager. Now Gabriel will be confronted with his true identity and destiny. Gabriel is voiced by Tim Curry, who also voiced him in Gabriel Knight 3.
Grace Nakimura Grace Nakimura Grace Nakimura is Gabriel's assistant, doing research for him. She just got her masters in history and classics and is taking a break from studies before continuing for her Ph.d. She arrived in New Orleans two months ago, exploring the city during the summer and making some money for the bills by working in the bookstore. She likes oil painting and Tai Chi. Though her parents are traditional Japanese, she doesn't even remember Japan herself as she moved to the USA at the age of three. Her research is vital to solving the voodoo murder case and she becomes a playable character in the sequels of the game. Grace is voiced by Leah Remini.
Frick Frick Frick is the desk sergeant of the New Orleans Police Department. He looks like a poster boy for heart disease - 30 extra pounds between his armpits and his belt, and a complexion the consistency of gray oatmeal. He feels very comfortable where he is: behind his desk. The only way to get him away from there is when the beignet vendor stands outside.He doesn't provide any useful information as he does not want to share any confidential information about police cases. Frick is voiced by Jim Cummings who also voices the Blues/Cajun/jazz band leaders, the muscle man on Jackson Square, the dragon and Gunter.
Magentia Moonbeam Magentia Moonbeam Magentia Moonbeam is a well-versed voodooienne, trained by the great queen Tabitha, who herself was trained by Marie Laveau. She came from Kansas to New Orleans as a young woman. Magentia's practice is mainly selling charms and potions, such as gris gris and voodoo oils. Much of her work is to protect her clients from the spells of others. She has a python in a birdcage, named Grimwald, which Gabriel finds has nothing to do with the murder scene. Moonbeam was trained to handle and hypnotize snakes and likes to give a demonstration of dancing with it. She also went to the old St. John Eve conclaves when she was still an apprentice. Moonbeam was voiced by Nancy Lenehan.
Detective Franklin Mosely Detective Franklin Mosely Detective Mosely is a life-long friend of Gabriel and a detective at the New Orleans Police Department. Gabriel makes Mosely believe he will appear in his new novel in order to get inside information on the voodoo murders. At first Mosely believes the murders have nothing to do with voodoo but, when the case gets closed, Gabriel manages to convince Mosely with his findings. When Mosely is forced into taking a holiday by his superiors, he continuous his detective work off-duty and helps Gabriel during the final confrontation in the voodoo honfour. Mosely also returns in Gabriel Knight 3. Mosely is voiced by Mark Hamill, best known as Luke Skywalker from the Star Wars trilogy, and modeled after Robert Lindsley.
Dr. John Dr. John Dr John, a man from the West Indies, is the proprietor of the Historical Voodoo Museum. Gabriel learns a lot about current and historical voodoo and about hoodoo from him. Dr. John often visits the St. Louis cemetery #1 to give presentations about Mary Laveau to tourists. Unfortunately Dr. John is Tetelo's chosen one and participates in the voodoo ceremonies. The snake in the museum has also been present at the lake Pontchartrain murder scene and at one point nearly kills Gabriel. Dr. John is voiced by Michael Dorn.
Abuela Knight Abuela Knight Grandma Knight, born Rebecca Wright, met Harrison Knight at a church revival. They married shortly after and her only child, Gabriel's father Philip, was born when she was 22. She found out that Harrison had changed his name from Heinz Ritter, when he immigrated in America at the age of 21. She didn't ask him too much about it though as she realized he wanted to leave his past behind. Harrison was only 36 when he died, hit by a car. When Gabriel's parents died in a car crash when he was only 8, she took care of Gabriel. She likes to knit, work in her garden and make long walks to keep her old body from stiffening up. Grandma Knight is voiced by Linda Gary.
Willy Walker Willy Walker Willy Walker is the owner of Dixieland Drug store, selling gris gris of all kinds. He appears to be knowledgeable about the local voodoo practices and is the first to mention "Cabrit sans core", which literally translates as "goat without horns" but actually means "human sacrifice" in the world of voodoo. He does not share any more information with Gabriel though, probably scared about the potential consequences. He also sells Gabriel his crocodile mask and gives him lucky oil as a bonus for the large purchase. It is in Willy's store that Gabriel first meets Madame Cazaunoux. Willy is voiced by Rocky Carroll.
El camarero de Napoleon House El camarero de Napoleon House The Napoleon House bartender does not really believe in voodoo, but knows some of his regular customers do. He tells Gabriel about Sam and Markus, who've been playing chess every day in his bar for 20 years, with Sam always losing each game. It's not that Sam is a bad player, he simply gets nervous playing against Markus. The bartender, credited as Bartender Stonewall King, is voiced by Monte Markham.
Toussaint Gervais Toussaint Gervais Toussaint Gervais is the watchman at St. Louis Cemetery #1, keeping the place tidy and sometimes taking care of grievers. He knows everything that is going on at the cemetery. Sometimes he has to clean up animal parts, bones or even human parts, that are left at the graves. He also knows a bit about tomb markings and Marie Laveau, saying she/they may actually be buried elsewhere, but that her tomb is on all the tourist tours anyway. Toussaint is voiced by Dorian Harewood.
Malia Gedde Malia Gedde Malia Gedde is a very beautiful and wealthy woman. From the moment Gabriel and Malia laid eyes on each other at Lake Pontchartrain, they both fell in love. Malia however is a very independent, busy and influential woman with connections to various clubs and courts. Since her ancestors arrived in New Orleans around 1800, the Gedde family has gradually acquired many holdings. In the little free time Malia has, she enjoys fine arts, opera, ballet and she also collects African art. However, while Gabriel's relationship with Malia becomes very strong, he also discovers that she and her ancestors are part of the voodoo cult. Malia gets possessed by Tetelo and becomes the head priestess during the sacrificial voodoo ceremonies. Malia is voiced by Leilani Jones.
Profesor Hartridge Profesor Hartridge Professor Hartridge is a 35-year old fully tenured professor at Tulane university as well as a fellow at Cambridge. His doctorate at religious studies was obtained at Syracuse. He is specialized in African religion because he was born there (his father was a protestant missionary). In his lecture, he explains several of the voodoo items, loa and practices. He is very eager to research Gabriel's reconstructed veve to find out the voodoo cult's origin. Unfortunately his research also leads to his death. The notes he leaves will be essential not only to reopen the voodoo murder case, but also to find Tetelo's tomb in Benin. He also explains the meaning of Cabrit sans Core. Hartridge is voiced by Monte Markham.
Madame Cazaunoux Madame Cazaunoux Madame Cazaunoux is a woman of real French Creole descent. Her family moved from France to New Orleans in 1750 and she considers the only true New Orleaneans to be the French immigrants, longing back to the good old days. Gabriel first sees her at Dixieland drugstore, ordering potions to cure her stomach ache and sleep remedies. She is deeply catholic but also a quite paranoid about voodoo, keeping a low profile and thinking people are putting evil spells on her, which is why she tries to counter the spells with voodoo spells herself. Her great-grandmother saw voodoo rituals herself, which is why Madame Cazaunoux knows about the voodoo honfour in New Orleans. She even has a snake bracelet, granting access to the real voodoo rituals, a piece which has been in the family for many generations. Madame Cazaunoux is voiced by Susan Silo and modeled after Karin Young Nestor.
Gerde Gerde Gerde was born and raised in the village of Rittersberg, Germany. She is not well-traveled but learned many things from Wolfgang, who also taught her English. She mostly does the housekeeping in Schloss Ritter and is devoted to her work. A close relationship between her and Wolfgang is hinted at (and confirmed in Gabriel Knight 2). She tells Gabriel about the Schattenjager library, the initiation process and about Wolfgang's tragic life. Gerde also appears in Gabriel Knight 2, which takes entirely place in Germany. Gerde was voiced by Mary Kay Bergman.
Wolfgang Ritter Wolfgang Ritter Wolfgang Ritter is the great uncle of Gabriel. As Gabriel's grandfather, Wolfgang's brother, had left Germany and changed his name, Gabriel was not aware of his German roots, and Wolfgang had a hard time tracking him down. Wolfgang is old and had a tragic life. His only son died at infancy, and the Ritter castle has fallen into serieus disrepair. He considers his task as Schattenjager to retrieve the lost talisman and make the Ritter bloodline continue with Gabe. His final act is to retrieve the talisman, for which he sacrifices himself by cutting his own heart out. Wolfgang is voiced by Efrem Zimbalist Jr.
Crash Crash Crash used to be an informant for the New Orleans Police Department, mostly helping them bust small-time pimps and dealers. He was picked up on Jackson Square, pushing coke. He doesn't tell at thing during Mosely's interrogation out of fear for his life, and justifiable so. He's just a runner, a nobody. The day he gets released by the police, the voodoo cult hit him. Gabriel spots him talking to one of the voodoo drummers and follows him into the cathedral. There, Crash, who is seriously ill, tells Gabriel about the honfour and about his snake tattoo. Those are Crash's final words. Crash is voiced by Chris Lytton.

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