Indiana Jones and the Fountain of Youth

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Indiana Jones y la Fuente de la Juventud
En desarrollo, (Demo disp.)
(Anunciado: Desconocido)
(Última act.: Mar 2012)
Inglés Alemán
AGS 3.2.0 (Demo 1.2 - May 2006)
3ª persona


Únete a nuestro héroe mientras intenta descubrir qué pretenden los hombres de Kaltenbrunner en la isla tropical de Bimini.

Te unes a Indy cuando llega a la isla de Bimini, la cual se dijo que era la isla en la que Juan Ponce de León buscaba la famosa Fuente de la Juventud - pero no la encontró, y en cambio "descubrió" Florida. Ahora, gracias a la leyenda, rebosa de actividad. Los hombres de Kaltenbrunner excavan en alguna parte de la isla, y de Indy depende descubrir la ubicación de la excavación - al igual que el paradero de la Fuente, ¡antes que lo hagan los Nazis!

La forma de llevar a cabo esta meta es conociendo otra gente, recogiendo y utilizando diversos objetos y resolviendo un cierto número de puzzles.


Icono Nombre Descripción
Indiana Jones and the Fount of Youth - Indiana Jones.png Indiana Jones Dr. Jones is an eminent archaeologist, who teaches at Barnett College in New York. He speaks a dozen languages, carries a bullwhip, and acted as a soldier and spy during World War I after enlisting in the Belgian Army.

Since the war, Indy has had more than his share of adventure, and been involved in recovering The Heart of the Dragon in China, The Sankara Stones from the Temple of Doom at Pankot Palace in India, The Ark of the Covenant from Tanis, and The Holy Grail from Alexandretta.

Unfortunately, Indys knack for locating artifacts doesn't extend to retaining posession - Indy so far has nothing but stories to show for his work. Indy will be up to his greatest challenge yet when he becomes involved in a race against time for...The Fountain of Youth!

Indiana Jones and the Fount of Youth - Marcus Brody.png Marcus Brody Curator of the National Museum of Archaeology in New York, Marcus is a close friend and mentor to Indy. Their relationship began during Indys childhood, Marcus acted as a surrogate father during Indys estrangement from his own.

Now Marcus makes use of Indys unique talents to fill out the collections of his museum. An adventurer in his own youth, Marcus has mostly retired from fieldwork, though he still lectures from time to time as a guest speaker in Indys class. Though sometimes forgetful, Marcus is still a sharp individual - it wasn't that long ago that he himself was raiding the tombs of fallen Pharoahs to bring the mysteries of the past to light! When Marcus is drawn into one final adventure, his fate will force Indy to make desperate decisions in a race against time and the forces of evil....

Indiana Jones and the Fount of Youth - Martin Crishaw.png Martin Crishaw Professor of Archaeology at the University of Washington, Dr. Crishaw is only one step above the graverobber in the archaeology foodchain.

Disdaining fieldwork and careful study, Crishaws methods are equivalent to a bull in a china shop - sloppy, expensive, and dangerous. Combining incompetence with intense greed, Crishaws only interest is in fortune and glory - and his superiors at the university have taken notice.

Warned that unless he shapes up his act, he'll be standing in the bread lines, Crishaw is desperate to make a name for himself in academic circles, and fair play will not deter him from his goal. Crishaw has an intense dislike for Dr. Jones, who has debunked several of Crishaws research papers in the past, and blames Jones for making him a laughingstock in the archaeological community.

Indiana Jones and the Fount of Youth - Alfred von Kaltenbrunner.png Alfred von Kaltenbrunner Dubbed "The Iron Rod" by his troops, General Kaltenbrunner is the oldest strategist in the Third Reich, and secretly a member of the Ahnernerbe, the occult research department of the Thule Society.

His standing within this inner circle of the nazi party has allowed him to gain the ear of the Fuehrer. A firm believer in Hitlers "Final Solution", Kaltenbrunner will do anything within his power to bring about Hitlers vision of a "pure" Aryan race.

When a new discovery is brought to his attention, he believes that he is one step closer to bringing about Hitlers terrifying vision of the future....

Indiana Jones and the Fount of Youth - Shelly Hartley.png Shelly Hartley Majoring in Linguistics with a focus on ancient languages, Shelly is also an archaeology student in Indys class. Something of an anomaly, Shelly was raised by her mother after her father died in the war.

Growing up on a Kansas farm taught Shelly the importance of hard work, perseverence...and driving a hard bargain. Knowing that her skills and independent spirit would be stifled in her little Kansas town, Shelly's mother used the severence package provided by the US Government to send Shelly to school to pursue an education.

Her fiery disposition makes her popular, if somewhat unusual. Hardly the soft-spoken lady, Shelly is very clear about what she wants: Equal treatment among her peers regardless of her gender, and a certain archaeology professor.

Indiana Jones and the Fount of Youth - Profesor John Burton.png Professor John Burton Close friend to both Dr. Henry Jones Sr. and Marcus Brody from their schooldays at Oxford, Dr. John Burton is the worlds foremost expert on the legend of the Fountain of Youth, and curator of the Burton museum in London.

Gruff and blustery, Dr. Burton appears to have no time for nonsense or silly questions - but his students know that beneath the blustery exterior beats the heart of a soul passionate about the legends of the past. Dr. Burtons life will take an abrupt turn when the forces of evil become interested in these same legends...





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