Jack Orlando: Una Aventura Cinematográfica

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Jack Orlando - Una Aventura Cinematografica - Portada.jpg
Jack Orlando: A Cinematic Adventure
Jack Orlando: A Cinematic Adventure (Director's Cut)
Europa 1997
Rusia 1 Sep 2001 (Director's Cut)
Español Inglés Alemán Ruso Polaco
4.995 ptas
3ª persona
DOS Linux Mac Windows


Estamos en los Estados Unidos, año 1933. Hace poco que la ley seca a sido abolida y ahora el floreciente negocio del contrabando de alcohol ya no es negocio para las bandas de gangsters que hay en el país y deben buscarse nuevas maneras de ganarse la vida.

Nuestro nombre es Jack Orlando y somos detective privado. Por fin podemos beber un buen whisky tranquilamente sin preocuparnos de infringir la ley, y así lo hacemos, ya que nuestra vida es demasiado monótona para soportarla despejados.


Icono Nombre Descripción
Jack Orlando - Jack Orlando.jpg Jack Orlando Jack Orlando is a 39 year old private detective with life experience and the main character of the game. He is a balanced person who can sometimes however, react aggressively.
Jack Orlando - Alex Rauer.jpg Alex Rauer The first policeman, who arrests Jack at the beginning of the game is Alex Rauer. He is 35 years old, inexperienced and reckless. He is only doing his job, and he tries to do it as well as possible.
Jack Orlando - Tom Rogers.jpg Tom Rogers Tom Rogers, 46, Inspector at the local police department. A very quiet and mysterious person. He leads the murder inquiries in the Pete Reynolds case in which Jack is involved.
Jack Orlando - Steven Johnson.jpg Steven Johnson Another policeman - Steven Johnson, 37, is an experienced and balanced person. He arrests Jack and conducts him to his cell. He is not as impulsive as his colleague.
Jack Orlando - Alice Stone.jpg Alice Stone Alice Stone is Jack's neighbor. She is a 32 year old housewife and a good friend of Jack's. Jack can speak to her about nearly all his problems.
Jack Orlando - Joe Astor.jpg Joe Astor Joe Astor a 14 years old shoeshine boy. He is a nice guy who pays attention to what happens in his neighborhood and what his customers talk about.
Jack Orlando - Daisy Simour.jpg Daisy Simour Daisy Simour, 67, flower shop assistant - an old woman, who has missed the changing times. She sits in front of the Cotton Club and sells flowers.
Jack Orlando - Arnold Johnson.jpg Arnold Johnson Arnold Johnson is 27 years old. He is a porter, indifferent, very disciplined and polite. He stands in front of the Hotel Paradise.
Jack Orlando - Leone Detteli.jpg Leone Detteli Leone Detteli, 34, grass. He is a very mysterious sly fox. He is a born braggart. He stands at the corner next to the Cotton Club in the city.
Jack Orlando - Gabriel.jpg Gabriel Gabriel is a call girl at the O'Granis Night Club. She is 24 years old, very boisterous, impudent and regards herself as the beauty of the city.
Jack Orlando - Propietario del Cotton Club.jpg Propietario del Cotton Club The owner of the Cotton Club. He likes sticking his nose in other peoples affaires. He thinks he is important and every one must believe what he says.
Jack Orlando - Ella Wilson.jpg Ella Wilson Ella Wilson is a 21 year old woman. She is a guest in Hotel Paradise, young and childish. She searches for young men and the meaning of life.
Jack Orlando - August Bellinger.jpg August Bellinger This good-looking man is August Bellinger. He is 35 years old, quiet and generous, however he is unscrupulous and very rude when facing strangers.
Jack Orlando - Biff Baracus.jpg Biff Baracus This strong man is Biff Baracus. He is 27 years old and lives in Jack's neighborhood. He does not want to be disturbed. He does not like strangers especially those, who want to steal something from him.
Jack Orlando - Clara Polock.jpg Clara Polock Clara Polock - a 76 year old woman curious and slightly naive. She is Biff's neighbor and a good friend of his.
Jack Orlando - Okahara MingTo.jpg Okahara MingTo Okahara MingTo is a street vendor in front of a Chinese laundry. His age is 32. He is a mysterious person who seems to have many secrets.
Jack Orlando - Indigente.jpg Indigente A destitute - one of many homeless people on the streets of the 30ies. He is insidious, vindictive and very violent. There is no chance of trading with this guy.
Jack Orlando - Elizabeth.jpg Elizabeth The young girl's name is Elizabeth. She is 27 years old and a quiet and sensitive and a very romantic person.
Jack Orlando - Louis DeLare.jpg Louis DeLare Louis DeLare is 32 years old and works as a receptionist at Hotel Paradise. He is the typically arrogant type, who thinks, he is better than the rest.
Jack Orlando - Rosemarie Gorman.jpg Rosemarie Gorman Rosemarie Gorman is one of the hotel guests. Her age is 31. She is an unfriendly woman, who believes, that the whole world revolves around her.
Jack Orlando - Bill Kowalsky.jpg Bill Kowalsky Bill Kowalsky is 55 years old. He is a caretaker in the city a friendly, but not very talkative person.
Jack Orlando - Jerry Cooper.jpg Jerry Cooper Jerry Cooper "The Bottle", 49, destitute. He is a quiet and kind person, who is glad when he has somebody to talk to. He has known Jack for long time.
Jack Orlando - Gioseppe Elgardo.jpg Gioseppe Elgardo Gioseppe Elgardo is a 52 year old man. He is a hotel guest, and an energetic, businessman, always bad mannered and discontent.


  • Primera edición por Topware en 1998, segunda edición por Diáspora en 2001.
  • Jack Orlando: A Cinematic Adventure (Director's Cut), versión mejorada para Windows que salió publicada en 2001. Sólo en inglés.



En el foro dispones de versiones preinstaladas donde sólo tendrás que descomprimir y ejecutar:

  • Basada en DOSBox y la versión CD.


  • dosbox.conf:
mount c D:\DosGames
imgmount d "...ruta...\JACK_ORLANDO.iso" -t iso
machine = vesa_oldvbe
Instalar con install y ejecutar con start.--cireja 19:50 23 sep 2013




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