Nelly Cootalot: The Fowl Fleet

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Mundial 22 Mar 2016
Español Inglés Alemán Francés Italiano
Inglés Alemán
12,95 €
AGS 3.2.1 (Demo)
3ª persona
Gamepad/Joystick Ratón Táctil
Android iOS Linux Mac Nintendo Switch Windows
Lenguaje soezDiscriminaciónDrogasMiedo
JuegoSexoViolenciaEn línea


Nelly Cootalot se embarcará en una aventura para salvar a los pájaros que el malvado barón Widebeard ha hipnotizado y encerrado.

¿Qué planea el barón Widebeard? ¿Podrá Nelly detenerlo? ¿Y cómo encaja un volcán helado en toda esta historia?

Nelly Cootalot, la heroína de los piratas y defensora a ultranza de especies amenazadas, se pone en marcha para encontrar las respuestas a estas preguntas. La persecución del barón llevará a Nelly desde Port Rubicund, en los mares del Sur, hasta la solitaria isla Gloomholm en el glacial norte. En su búsqueda del tesoro del Séptimo Mar, nuestra pirata topará con extraños personajes y desconcertantes acertijos.


Icono Nombre Descripción
Nelly Cootalot - II The Fowl Fleet - Nelly Cootalot y Sebastian.png Nelly Cootalot



Nelly Cootalot

"I'm a pirate captain here to foil the Baron's schemes. Well, I'm not too sure what his schemes are exactly… but as soon as I know: foiling."

Nelly is a swashbuckling young pirate, and saviour of small cuddly animals. She could definitely beat you in a fight, she just doesn't want to right now.


"Sebastian J. Coot at your service, miss Cootalot."

This dapper and debonair coot used to be the feathered familiar of William Bloodbeard, but now he assists Nelly Cootalot in her perilous adventures. (Mainly in an advisory role, he doesn't actually carry any of the stuff.)

Nelly Cootalot - II The Fowl Fleet - William Bloodbeard.png William Bloodbeard "I haven't got long, I'm supposed to be haunting a family in New England."

Nelly's ghostly mentor, Bloodbeard returns from Davey Jones's Locker to send her on quests. In his day, he was a fearsome beccanneer and the protector of all creatures small and adorable. His lifelong rivalry with Baron Widebeard ended when his ship was lost in the Seventh Sea.

Nelly Cootalot - II The Fowl Fleet - The Baroness.png The Baroness Baron Widebeard

"I'll have you know this is an award-winning beard!"

Handsome, charming, talented. These are just some of the words used to describe Baron Widebeard, by Baron Widebeard. Other people will tell you he's a ruthless, bitter, serial bird-knapper and the human equivalent of avian flu. He is Nelly's nemesis and arch-disliker.

The Baroness

"If only my nethers were clad in high-fashion underthings!" The Number 1 Fashion Victim in the South Seas, the Baroness is the driving force behind her husband's wicked schemes. Vain and ambitious, she's like Lady Macbeth if Lady Macbeth liked leopard print bikinis.

Nelly Cootalot - II The Fowl Fleet - Rackham the Birdman.png Rackham the Birdman "I am not, in fact, an actual bird."

Winston "The Birdman" Rackham is a great inventor. Not only is he Vogel Island's keenest mind, he's also its only inhabitant. Apart from inventing, Rackham looks after the legendary birds of Vogel Island.

Nelly Cootalot - II The Fowl Fleet - Harbour Master Van Zandt.png Harbour Master Van Zandt "I don't allow loose cannons in my harbour."

The pitiless Groat Island Harbour Master strikes fear into the hearts of honest pirates. Van Zandt runs a ring of brutish privateers (licensed pirates) and he doesn't allow competition from enthusiastic amateurs like Nelly.

Nelly Cootalot - II The Fowl Fleet - Barman Friday y Captain Rehab.png Barman Friday


Captain Rehab

Barman Friday

"We've a whole caboodle of buccaneer beverages."

A straight-talking liquor slinger, Barman Friday has his ear to the ground, an eye for trouble and his nose to the grindstone. Which has resulted in some posture issues for which he's seeing a chiropractor.

Captain Rehab

"Listen Nelly, I'm here to meet other pirates: swap stories, share ideas and so forth. Shouldn't you be at Girl Guides?"

Rehab is a hardened old seadog, on a monomaniacal quest to find the fabled White Ale. But for now, any alcoholic fluid will suffice. He can normally be found dispensing wisdom and releasing gasses in the local tavern.

Nelly Cootalot - II The Fowl Fleet - Professor Morgan.png Professor Morgan "The "Dead Man's Chest" is largely symbolic, representing death leading to rebirth. Of course, it's also about looting corpses."

Mary Jane Morgan is Professor of Piratical Studies at the University of West Ham. One of the South Seas's leading intellectuals, she is an expert in pirate history and nautical lore. You might almost think she was a pirate herself…

Nelly Cootalot - II The Fowl Fleet - The Abominable Snowbird.png The Abominable Snowbird "Wraaaaarrrgh!"

What can be said of this cryptozoological anomaly? Some say it can be found in the frozen wastes of the north, falling on hapless wanderers and devouring them, like a toothy avalanche. Others say it's just a myth put about by mad Viking sailors. A third group haven't made their minds up one way or the other.


  • En esta aventura sólo se oirán las voces en inglés o alemán si seleccionas esos idiomas, si seleccionas subtítulos en español, no se oirán las voces, sólo los subtítulos.




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