Police Quest 3: The Kindred

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PQ3 (Informal)
Police Quest 3: Der Verwandte
USA Oct 1991
Español Inglés Alemán Francés Italiano
Disquete 5.25" x4
Disquete 3.5" x4
3ª persona
Ratón Teclado
Amiga DOS


Sonny Bonds puede respirar más o menos tranquilo. Bains por fin está muerto, y ahora está felizmente casado con Marie en un hermoso chalet (qué envidia dan las casas de las películas americanas), y siendo el jefe de policía de Lytton, repartiendo instrucciones todas las mañanas y coordinando a sus hombres de azul. Sin embargo, este día comienza de una forma rara: te encuentras patrullando y encontrándote a gente más loca y extraña de lo normal, con más situaciones de peligro que lo acostumbrado, y una oficial empieza a darte problemas.

Es una señal de lo que está por venir: dos hombres intentan atracar a tu mujer a la salida del trabajo, y aunque no la llegan a matar, dejan a Marie en estado de coma. ¿Quiénes eran esos hombres? ¿Qué querían realmente? ¿No es una pauta en una serie de asesinatos en Lytton? Sonny Bonds, llevado por la adrenalina que alienta la venganza, llegará hasta el final para averiguar quién ha sido el desgraciado que se ha cruzado en su vida, y se vengará. Aunque la investigación será arriesgada hasta extremos casi mortales un buen número de veces.


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Sonny Bonds: Sonny and his wife Marie are still on a "honeymoon high" from their wedding a few years back. The two have a beautiful new home, and Sonny was promoted to detective sergeant at the Lytton Police Department. However, overburdened as the department is, he's been assigned to Traffic Division for a bit. After a long working day, Sonny is dispatched to an assault at the Oak Tree Mall. It turns out that it was his wife who got viciously stabbed. As Marie lies in a coma, Sonny is assigned to homicide to investigate the crime. Soon he discovers multiple cases of similar assaults which are linked to a cult and cocaine dealers. Whoever they are, Sonny is determined to find and bring justice to those who tried to murder his wife. Sonny is played by Chris Barnes. Marie Wilkans (Marie Bonds): Sonny's wife, Marie, has got a good job at the Oak Tree Mall. After one working day, Marie gets visciously assaulted by two men as she approaches her car. One man held her while the other stabbed her. As Marie screamed, her attackers fled before being noticed by others. While Marie could have easily died, she nonetheless lies in a coma at the hospital. The doctor says only Sonny can wake her again with plenty of care, love and attention. Marie is played by Cheri Loyd. Pat Morales: Pat Morales, like Sonny, works at homicide but temporarily fills in for the traffic division. Sonny is her superior. Unfortunately she has problems with authority and easily looses her temper, as becomes clear from how she handles people on the street. Sonny therefore is not very pleased when the captain makes her his partner to investigate Marie's assault and other related murders. As they work together, Sonny grows suspicious about her behaviour - especially about the numerous phonecalls she makes. A look at her psychological file gives even more reason for concern. When one day Sonny finds evidence of a crime stashed in her locker, he informs internal affairs about it. Who is Pat Morales really? Pat is played Patty Lang. Capitán Tate: Captain Tate is in charge of the Lytton Police Department and therefore Sonny's superior. After Marie gets assaulted, the captain reassigns Sonny to homicide, since he knows that is the only thing Sonny has on his mind. He also provides a murder case which is eerily similar to the assault on Marie, and assigns Pat Morales to be his partner in the investigation. When Sonny grows sufficiently suspicious about Morales and finds evidence stashed away in her locker, he reports it to the captain who initiates an internal investigation. Captain Tate is played by Robert Tapp. Daryle Smith: Mr. Smith is the booking officer at the Lytton Police Department. When Sonny brings in a lunatic and a drunk, Mr. Smith takes care of them and holds their personal possessions. Mr. Smith is played by Craig Simmons. Ms. Gibbs: Whenever Sonny or other officers, find evidence to a crime, such as blood samples, jewelry, paint samples, and much more, they bring it to miss Gibbs the evidence officer. She registers the items and makes sure they are properly processed to find more clues about the committed crimes. Miss Gibbs is played by Cindy Walker.
Dr. Sidney Aimes: Sidney is the psychologist at the Lytton Police Department. He doesn't allow people to look into his patients' files, but one time Sonny manages to have a peek at Pat Morales file as Sidney is not in his office. And when Sonny sees Sidney's conclusion about Pat, he is very much alarmed about it. Sonny also shows Sidney the military file of Michael Bains to get a psychological profile on the brother of Jesse whom Sonny killed in Police Quest 2. Sidney Aimes is played by Corey Cole. Mike Downs: Mike is the head technician of the computer department at the Lytton Police Department, the kind of geek who can't be silent for a minute. He provides a computer access card to Sonny and also provides the police force with technical equipment, such as a tracker, though he hates it when he doesn't get it back in a timely manner. Mike is played by John Hartin. Kevin Miller: Kevin is one of the older cops on the force, a real veteran. When Sonny does not initiate the daily meeting in a timely manner, Kevin will do it for him, mocking Sonny for not being able to lead a meeting. Kevin is played by Roger Griffith. C.J. Stumps: Mr Stumps is the janitor at the Lytton Police department, though you can only find him near the locker rooms. He is a hard worker and good-natured man though, but he won't let Sonny in the women's locker room. Surely making a bit of a mess in the men's locker room can keep him distracted for a while? Mr. Stumps is played by Bill Davis Jr. Juez Mildred Simpson: Mildred Simpson is the judge at the case between Sonny and Mr. Ruiz. Ruiz was blocking traffic in the passing lane and objected to the fine sonny gave him. Sonny however can easily proof with his calibration chart that he made the right decision, and therefore wins the case. Sonny will also need a search warrant and then a ramming order from the judge to enter the crack house. She will give it to him provided that he can present sufficient material to convince her to sign it. Judge Simpson is played by Tara Ryan. Diputado Distrito Fiscal Cannon: Mr. Cannon is the defense attorney of the police force. He asks Sonny about how and why he fined Mr. Ruiz and presents Sonny's calibration chart as evidence to easily win the case. Mr. Cannon is played by Sierra founder and CEO Ken Williams.
Abogado de la defensa Meyer: Mr. Meyer is the defense attorney for Mr. Ruiz, though he is more of a lame duck as he does not even question Sonny and simply agrees with everything. Mr. Meyer is played by Chris Garski. Juan José Ruiz: Juan was driving on the passing lane of the freeway at 35mph, blocking all traffic. So evidently Sonny pulled him over and gave him a ticket. The man with the lowered car with a fancy paint job didn't like that and took Sonny to the court. Of course since Sonny had hard evidence and Juan only had his word, the case was easily won in Sonny's favor. Juan is played by George Esparza. La registradora judicial: The court recorder (image not available) writes down all the pieces of evidence that are presented and everything that is said and done during the case. The court recorder is played by Veronica Oldfield. Steve Rocklin: Steve Rocklin is one of the men who assaulted Marie and murdered Clifford Jones, Samuel Britt and Andrew Dent. Each time he murdered somebody, he carved a pentagram in their chest. Marie was lucky to survive as her assailants ran away before they could finish the job. What is first reported as robberies is more considered as a cult as the case progresses. One day, Sonny gets a description of Mike Rocklin from Carla Reed who read about it in the newspaper. By plotting a pentagram on the citymap of Lytton, Sonny manages to track Steve to the Old Nugget Inn. Steve flees but dies in an accident on the freeway, where Sonny also discovers heroin in his car trunk. Shortly later Steve's house burns down in what appears to be caused by arson. Steve Rocklin is played by Mike Pickhinke. Leon el forense: Leon is the coroner of hte city of Lytton. Bonds and Leon know each other very well. During the investigation, Bonds meets Leon at the murderscene of Andrew Dent. Some days later, Sonny is asked to go to the coroner after he did his autopsy on Steve Rocklin. Leon gives Sonny a cult book, cult ring, Marie's locket and a newspaper article which he found on the body. Leon is played by Josh Mandel. Dr. Wagner: Dr. Wagner works at the Lytton hospital and managed to keep Marie alive, though in a coma. He frequently informs Sonny about Marie's condition and insists he sees her on a daily base, as he believes only Sonny get get Marie out of her coma. As her situation does not improve, the doctor is very embarrassed when Sonny notices that the IV meter is much higher than suggested on Marie's medical chart. Luckily all ends well and he even informs Marie that she is expecting a baby. Dr. Wagner is played by Warren Cleeland.
El periodista: When Sonny returns to the Oak Tree Mall to investigate the scene where Marie was stabbed, a reporter approaches him and asks him unpleasant questions, such as if the victim was sexually assaulted. Sonny bursts out in anger and the reporter apologizes to him, not having known that it was Sonny's wife who was the victim. The reporter hands Sonny his business card in case he would like to contact him. Sonny calls the reporter the next day, and the reporter agrees to put a story in the paper about the assault. Shortly later, Sonny is contacted by Carla read, who read the article and witnessed how the suspect looks like. The newspaper reporter is played by Nick Medici. Zak el cerrajero: Sonny is highly suspicious about Pat Morales who frequently asks him to drive to the Oak Tree mall so she can make a phone call. One time, Pat is in such a hurry that she for once forgets her purse in the car. Sonny grabs the opportunity, takes Pat's keys out of her purse and quickly runs to Zak the keymaker to make a copy. With the copy of her key, Sonny can unlock her drawer at the homicide office and finds her locker combination. Zak is played by Bob Ballew. El reclutador del ejército: When Sonny discovers the picture of Jesse Bains with his brother, Michael Bains, in a military uniform, he visits the army recruitment center at the Oak Tree Mall. The recruiter of course immediately tries to persuade Sonny to join the army, but becomes cooperative after Sonny shows his badge. He provides Sonny with the military file on Michael Bains which Sonny gives to the LPD psychiatrist for analysis. The army recruiter is played by Zoltan Andahazy. Oficial de aliado: As Sonny is patrolling the freeway, an unmarked black car speeds by him. As he types in the license plate, he discovers that it is an allied officer, so he lets him proceed without pulling him over. If he does pull him over, the officer will raise hell as he was in the middle of a pursuit. The officer is played by Steve Parker. Carla Reed: Carla Reed is a homeless woman who lives at the warehouses of Lytton. She only has her cart and newspapers to cover herself with. One day she reads the article about the assault on Marie and contats the police. She saw the man from very closeby as he literally ran into her. After securing her cart with handcuffs, Carla agrees to go to the station to give a description of him. Sonny then finds out about Steve Rocklin and initiates a search for him. Carla Reed is played by Nancy Smythe. El florista: The florist works at the entrance hall of the Lytton hospital. Sonny buys a rose from her and puts it in Marie's hand. The florist is played by Nancy Bickley.
El jefe de bomberos: After the fire is put out at Rocklin's house, the chief fireman informs Sonny that he suspects arson and allows Sonny to investigate the scene. The chief fireman is played by Craig Simmons. La señora histérica: When Sonny arrives at Aspen Falls, this woman with a child tells Sonny that a dangerous lunatic is dancing around naked at the lake. She begs him to do something before he hurts somebody. The hysterical lady is played by Mary Anne Larsen. Brian Forbes: Sonny gets a call to check out Aspen Falls where a lunatic is dancing around naked, talking about an alien invasion. When Sonny approaches the man, the man rips off his badge, throws it in the lake and jumps in the lake himself. Sonny finds his driver's license - his name is Brian Forbes. Sonny manages to lure him out of the water by throwing Brian's keys in the water. Brian attacks Sonny, who knocks him down with his nightstick and arrests him. Luckily he also searches the lunatic, because he was carrying a knife in his underwear (yikes). The nut is played by Brian Brouillette. Señora embarazada: When a lady refuses to sign a ticket, it is the rule that the officer needs to call in another officer to witness the refusal to sign. This happens to Pat who calls Sonny to witness, even though she'd rather just throw her in jail. Turns out the woman is highly pregnant and she claims that officer Morales was insulting her. Given Morales' previous complaints on her behaviour, Sonny believes the woman and tells Morales not to arrest her. The pregnant lady is played by Diane Haley. Joseph Hoss, el borracho: During his freeway inspection, Sonny pulls over a drunk driver. The man, Mr. Hoss, is so intoxicated that he fails the simple test and throws up. Needless to say that Sonny can't let the man drive any further, so he takes him to jail where he fails a breath test and is placed in a cell to sleep it out. Mr. Hoss is played by Bob Fischbach. Orpheus Hanley: As Sonny patrols the freeway, a man comes speeding past him. Sonny pulls him over and books the man who goes by the name Orpheus Stanley. Orpheus is very polite though and not intoxicated so, after sining the ticket, he can drive on but keep his speed lower. Orpheus Hanley is played by... Orpheus Hanley, lol.


  • Único juego de la serie que salió oficialmente traducido en España, distribuido por Erbe Software.



En el foro dispones de versiones preinstaladas donde sólo tendrás que descomprimir y ejecutar:

  • Basada en DOSBox y la versión disquetes.


  • El parche corrige el bug del pentagrama al usar el teclado.




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