The Colonel's Bequest

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The Colonel's Bequest: A Laura Bow Mystery
Laura Bow: Colonel's Bequest
Laura Bow 1
Oct 1989
Español (Traducción amateur) Inglés
Disquete 5.25" x10
Disquete 3.5" x4
3ª persona
Ratón Teclado Text parser
Amiga Atari ST DOS


Juegas en el papel de la joven Laura Bow, el único personaje agradable entre un grupo de personas desagradables quienes parecen despreciarse demasiado entre ellos. Menos mal que tú, el jugador, no puedes apegarte a cualquier personaje ya que todos se convierten en corpus mortuus bastante rápido.

Tu misión es investigar la razón tras de estos asesinatos y descubrir al culpable. Pero ya que las victimas del asesinato desaparecen después de que encuentras sus ensangrentados cuerpos, es un trabajo difícil convencer al menguante número de huéspedes de la casa y a los sirvientes de impedir el peligro.


Laura Bow Lillian Henry Ethel Wilbur Gertie Rudy Gloria Clarence Jeeves Fifi Celie The Colonel's Bequest - View102-3.png The Colonel's Bequest - View111-7.png The Colonel's Bequest - View314-0.png The Colonel's Bequest - View524-2.png The Colonel's Bequest - View528-0.png The Colonel's Bequest - View530-2.png

John Bow: Laura's father. A veteran detective on the New Orleans Police force, who taught his daughter a lot about detective work. Laura Bow: You are the heroine of the game. A lovely girl of twenty, with light red hair and dazzling green eyes, journalism major at Tulane University at New Orleans. Though you appear somewhat naive, you are really a very studious, inquisitive, down-to-earth, energetic, courageous and resourceful girl. Unfortunately, before this night is over, your resourcefulness and courage will be sorely tested. Good luck… you'll need it! Celie: The Colonel's cook. She is an overweight black lady who, on the surface, seems to be superstitious, reserved, distant and unfriendly. However, you sense that she is probably a very nice person just "mindin' her own bizness", and can be friendly and helpful if approached cautiously. You have heard that Celie practices voodoo and you wonder about it. Gertrude "Gertie" Dijon: A widow of the Colonel's and Ethel's brother, Rudy's and Gloria's mother. She obviously is behind the times, as she looks like she has just stepped out of the gay '90's! A bit of a snob, money-grabbing and bossy, she walks around with her nose up in the air and has an annoying habit of constantly playing with her many strands of pearls. Coronel Henri Dijon: A frail, cripple, Southern-style, ill-tempered curmudgeon in his late sixties. He never married and lives an eccentric life of seclusion here on this bayou island. He was wounded while serving with distinction in the Spanish-American war. From observing his estate, it appears that though he is supposedly wealthy, he spends little money to maintain it. He always seems to sit in his wheelchair, smoking cigars. Rudolph "Rudy" Dijon: The Colonel's nephew, Gloria Swansong's brother and Gertie's son (You surmise that "Swansong" must be Gloria's stagename). Rudy is a handsome man and any woman would be attracted to him. But, you sense an undercurrent of hostility in Rudy; a sense that he should not be crossed. It is said that he is a gambler, womanizer, slick and lush, who has never worked an honest day in his life, and owes a lot of money to many people. Dr. Wilbur C. Feels: A pudgy man in his mid-fifties. He seems to be a nervous type and sweats profusely, and always wears a monocle. You gather that he has been the Colonel's physician for many years. He is known for his lecherous ways, and his questionable medical practices. You wonder if he ever samples his own wares. Fifi: The Colonel's pretty French maid. You assume that she is probably very apt in her duties -- whatever they may be. She is young, blonde, and sexy. She seems to have a vivacious personality, but you can sense a certain cunning underneath it all. It is rumored that she and the Colonel are involved in a relationship of a somewhat more than domestic nature. Most of the family are of the opinion that Fifi is using the Colonel to get at his money.

Jeeves: The Colonel's imposing and solemn butler. Though you find him somewhat good-looking, he nevertheless gives off a disconcerting feeling of secretiveness. He usually keeps to himself and seems to talk in little more than monosyllables. You wonder about him. What is he really after? Gloria Swansong: A beautiful platinum-blonde, Gloria is the Colonel's other niece, Rudy's sister and Gertie's daughter. She seems so glamorous with her long feather boa, stunning jewels, and lovely gown. She loves money, jewellery and rich boyfriends. You've been told that she's a successful actress in Hollywood, although you've never heard of her. Ethel Prune: A widow, Lillian's mother and the Colonel's younger sister. Stylishly-dressed, overly made-up older woman. Many years of hard drinking have taken their toll on her, as her face is puffy and red and her skin has wrinkled prematurely. She is whimpery and whiny, and always seems to have a drink and a hanky in her hand. You can usually catch her in a rather tipsy state, and she gives the impression of being quite helpless. Lillian Prune: Your friend and college classmate, Ethel's daughter and the Colonel's niece. She is a rebellious flapper. Like you, she is twenty years old, but unlike you, she has been known to hang out in speakeasies, smoke, and run around with several young men. She is assertive and out-going, to the point of obnoxiousness, but underneath it all you believe her to be a lonely, insecure girl. Clarence Sparrow: He is a dapper-looking man in his late forties. From what you heard gleaned, he has been the Colonel's attorney for some years and seems to know the rest of the group as well. He manages all of the Colonel's affairs and accounts. His manner is a bit on the curt side and you can sense a bit of sneakiness here. It is said that he lusts after the Colonel's money.

Beauregard: This dog appears to be a very old (and lazy) bloodhound. His loose skin hangs in folds and his long ears almost drag the ground. You sense that Beauregard must be the Colonel's beloved dog. He can be observed lying near his doghouse most of the time, eating bones. Blaze: He must have once been a beautiful stallion, but now, with many passing years, he has been reduced to an old broken-down nag. He has a nervous nature and nasty kick, though. You guess he must be the Colonel's horse. Like the Colonel, he's a veteran of the Spanish-American war, but now rarely leaves the comfort of his stable. Polly


  • Traducción al español a nivel amateur por Leandro Tami, mejorada por Joseph113.
  • Si vamos al aseo y escribimos "Usar toilet" Laura hará sus necesidades. Sin embargo los chicos de Sierra nos hacen saber que esto no es Leisure Suit Larry y nos cierran la puerta para que no veamos nada. Asimismo si nos damos una ducha moriremos al más puro estilo Psicosis, música incluida.



En el foro dispones de versiones preinstaladas donde sólo tendrás que descomprimir y ejecutar:

  • Basada en DOSBox y la versión disquetes.


  • Montar la carpeta del juego con DOSBox y descomprimir la traducción sobreescribiendo lo que sea necesario. Lanzar con SIERRA o CB. Para modificar algo usad el Install.--cireja 18:20 24 sep 2013


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