The Hand of Glory

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Mundial 4 Nov 2020
Inglés Alemán Italiano
16,99 €
3ª persona
Gamepad/Joystick Ratón
Linux Mac Nintendo Switch Windows


El fallido enfrentamiento con un peligroso asesino en serie ha hecho descarrilar la carrera del detective Lazarus Bundy hacia un abismo de difícil salida. En un intento desesperado para recuperarse, Lazarus decide investigar por su cuenta la desaparición de Elke Mulzberg, la joven heredera de una de las familias más influyentes de la ciudad.

Entre las soleadas costas de Miami y las frondosas colinas italianas, tendrá que emplear todos los recursos a su disposición para revelar la verdad oculta tras el secuestro. Y para entonces ya habrá cruzado el Rubicón.


Icono Nombre Descripción
The Hand of Glory - Lazarus Bundy.png Lazarus Bundy For Lazarus Bundy, his work as a detective was his whole life. So when forced to deal with a suspension from duty, he is confronted with an overwhelming void that pushes him into a desperate challenge.

Confident of his skills, stubborn and egocentric, but possessing considerable sense of humour, he can be recognized by a long red scarf and by Greendart, his customized bicycle.

The Hand of Glory - Alice Sharp.png Alice Sharp Determined to follow in the footsteps of his father, a successful former detective, Alice accepts an intern position in the HPD. Broke but confident, she's a tech enthusiast and she often pushes herself deep into the dark web.

She extensively studied kinesics, a discipline which analyses micro-expressions and gestures. Her white side fringe hides a story, but get her to talk about that it's going to be hard.

The Hand of Glory - Greendart.png Greendart GreenDart was purchased when Lazarus was seventeen and still lived in Italy. Since then, he never parted from it and he keeps on looking after it as if it was a longtime friend.

After landing in America looking for a better future, Lazarus painted the bycicle using the colours of his home country, as a reminder of everything he had to leave behind.

The Hand of Glory - Seamus Burton.png Seamus Burton Burton's considerable military experience led him to fulfill the role of chief inspector for the HPD and made him a firm leader ready to take difficult decisions. It's not unusual to see him in the frontline during the most sensitive operations.

His connection with Lazarus appears to go beyond the common professional relationship, making him a father figure in the life of the bold detective.

The Hand of Glory - Gwendolyn Pratt.png Gwendolyn Pratt Most would define her "insufferable", "annoying" and "stubborn", but Gwendolyn Pratt would only see compliments behind that.

Newshound for the Miami N, she has a reputation for not letting slip a good story, stepping on someone else along the way if necessary.

Gwendolyn Pratt truly believes she must provide the truth to her audience, even if she has to build one from scratch, sometimes.

The Hand of Glory - Dottore.png Dottore


  • La primera de dos partes se lanzó el 9 de junio de 2020. La segunda parte se lanzó el 4 de diciembre de 2020.



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