Indiana Jones and the Crown of Solomon

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Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade 2 (provisional)
Indiana Jones y la Corona de Salomón
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La aventura es una secuela de la aventura gráfica de LucasArts Indiana Jones y la Última Cruzada, que comienza exactamente donde su predecesor dejó la historia.

El argumento es el siguiente: tras huir nuevamente del famoso castillo nazi de Brunwald, Indiana Jones debe huir y contactar con masones partiendo a la búsqueda del legendario templo del rey Salomon, y cómo no, deberá competir nuevamente contra los nazis, por lo que la búsqueda se complica más todavía. Todo esto por supuesto sazonado por la poderosa música de John Williams.


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Indiana Jones Indiana Jones Dr. Indiana Jones is a famous archaeologist who teaches at Barnett College in New York. He speaks, reads and writs in 27 languages. With a bullwhip by his side he is always prepared to teach the bad guys a lesson in something else than archaeology. During the beginning of World War One Indy currently staying in Europe ended up serving in the Belgian army.

Following the end of the War, Indiana Jones finally returned to America to continue his studies at the University of Chicago. Having experienced war before his time, Indy found himself older and much worldlier than his fellow classmates. After completing his graduate program, Jones was hired for his first professorial job at London University.

Indiana Jones has experienced lots of adventures such as Temple of Doom, The Ark of the Covenant from Tanis and The Holy Grail from Alexandretta. Now he will have to race Hitler and his men once again in the search for the Crown of Solomon.

Dr. Henry Jones Dr. Henry Jones The elder Jones, a professor at Princeton University, embarked on a two-year lecture tour starting in 1908. Accompanying him was Anna, Indy, Helen Seymour and Professor Jones’ former tutor at Oxford who came along to school the young Jones. The small family travelled to major universities and cities around the world as Professor Jones spoke on the medieval chivalric code and the Holy Grail, topics of great importance to him.

Henry’s greatest work and lifetime achievement is the Grail Diary. The Diary proved to be very useful in the search for the holy grail. However the Nazis was also interested in obtaining the Grail and Henry Sr. and Indy had team up against the Nazis in the adventure know as "the last crusade".

Mr. Steve Schwarz Mr. Steve Schwarz Not very much is known about this man other than that he is a high ranked freemason. He seems to spend most of his time in Washington and it is rumoured that Mr Schwarz have some very powerful friends both in USA and in Europe. Some say that he might even have direct influence over the US Senate. However there are also some rumours saying that this man should not be trusted.

How Steve Schwarz has become so powerful is a bit of a mystery. Nothing is known of his parents as he came to USA alone as a college exchange student from Germany. He has stayed in America ever since.

Miss Maria Lundqvist Miss Maria Lundqvist Maria Lundqvist, former student of Barnett College, was born in a small town in Sweden where she was raised by her father who was one of Sweden’s top archaeologists. She has studied archaeology and history at the University of Uppsala. In Uppsala she discovered her passion for old artefacts brought to Europe during the Crusades in the 11: Th Century.

After her studies in Sweden she intended to move to Oxford to get a doctors degree in archaeology but her interest in old artefacts led her to go to Palestine to participate in an excavation in Jerusalem. During her time in Palestine she came to hear of Dr Indiana Jones which led her to move to the USA to complete her research and get a doctors degree.

Friedrich Kruger Friedrich Krüger Nazi official and high-ranking member of the SA and SS. Krüger was commissioned a second lieutenant in the German Army when World War I broke out. During the course of the war, he was wounded three times and awarded the 1st and 2nd class Iron Crosses.

In June 1933, Krüger was promoted SA- Lieutenant general and appointed chief of the training . Cooperating closely with the Reichswehr, he used his new position to school the SA’s best recruits to become officers.

In 1935, Krüger was appointed SS-Oberabschnittsführer. His career was noticed by the SS leadership and Adolf Hitler himself, and on February 21, 1936, he was appointed inspector of border guard units as well as Hitler’s personal representative at a variety of formal and informal NSDAP events. Friedrich Krüger is at the moment in very good grace with the fürer and has been order by Hitler personaly to lead the search of the Crown of Solomon, a relic that Hitler want to use against the very people to who the Crown and it’s powers first belong.

Arvi Jarnefeldt Arvi Jarnefeldt This 60 year old theologian and freemason of noble birth, has his roots in Wasa, Finland. At the end of the 19: Th century he moved to Helsinki to study theology mainly because of his interest in Christian relics. After some years in Helsinki, Jarnefeldt was ordained by the Finish protestant church and begun serving as a priest.

At the age of 29, Jarnefeldt was invited by two of his relatives who was high ranked finish masons, to join the the order. Thanks to his enormous expertise in Christian artefacts Arvid Jarnefeldt was invited to travel all over the world to participate in various excavations lead by the masons. During many of his excavations in the Middle East, he discovered several priceless artefacts and has continued with his archaeological work ever since.


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