King's Quest V: Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder!

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Ficha del juego
King's Quest V - Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder - Portada.jpg
King's Quest 5
España 1990
Español Inglés Alemán Francés Italiano Japonés
Disquete 5.25" x9
Disquete 3.5" x9
3ª persona
Amiga DOS FM Towns Mac NES PC-98
Windows 3.x


[editar] Descripción

Ha pasado el tiempo. La familia real de Daventry vive feliz en el castillo del reino. Todas las dificultades parecen haber quedado atrás. Sin embargo, el peligro se acerca a ellos sin que lo sepan. Un día, cuando Graham está dando un paseo por los bosques de Daventry, un brujo aparece, y se lleva el castillo en un torbellino mágico, con el resto de la familia real en su interior, desapareciendo después. Cuando Graham regresa, sólo se encuentra un hueco donde debería estar el castillo. Un búho parlante, de nombre Cedric, le comenta que todo es obra del terrible brujo Mordack, que se llevó el castillo, y con él a su familia.

Cedric le propone a Graham viajar con él a la lejana tierra de Serenia, donde vive con su maestro Crispin. Allí, tendrá que enfrentarse a multitud de peligros. Por la bola de cristal de una gitana se enterará de que Mordack es el hermano del brujo Mannanan, que en King's Quest III secuestrara y esclavizara a Alexander y que este convirtiera en un gato. Mordack, que ha miniaturizado el castillo y a la familia real, exige a Alexander que le devuelva a Mannanan su forma humana, pues sólo aquel que ha lanzado un hechizo puede deshacerlo, aunque Alexander no sabe cómo hacerlo. Mordack le amenaza con entregar a Valanice y Rosella al gato para que los devore si no cumple la orden que le ha dado. Graham debe llegar hasta el castillo y salvar a su familia antes de que sea demasiado tarde.

[editar] Personajes

Graham Cedric King's Quest V - Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder - View146-2.png King's Quest V - Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder - View162-7.png King's Quest V - Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder - View174-2.png King's Quest V - Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder - View198-2.png King's Quest V - Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder - View210-2.png King's Quest V - Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder - View242-0.png Princesa Alicia King's Quest V - Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder - View284-4.png Vladic King's Quest V - Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder - View385-6.png King's Quest V - Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder - View392-2.png King's Quest V - Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder - View400-3.png King's Quest V - Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder - View426-2.png King's Quest V - Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder - View441-0.png Dink Austin King's Quest V - Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder - View550-5.png King's Quest V - Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder - View706-2.png King's Quest V - Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder - View771-8.png King's Quest V - Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder - View800-2.png King's Quest V - Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder - View806-4.png King's Quest V - Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder - View828-0.png King's Quest V - Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder - View836-6.png Icebella Cassima King's Quest V - Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder - View888-2.png King's Quest V - Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder - Cabeza Dragon.png

When king Graham returns from his morning walk, he finds his castle has vanished into thin air. And what is even worse, his family along with it! Luckily Cedric the owl has seen it all. He tells Graham that the evil wizard Mordack has kidnapped his family, and he decides to help Graham find them. Graham travels to Serenia where he encounters a witch, dwarfs, bandits in the desert, the local town folk and more. He then has to travel through the snowy mountains and across the sea to rescue queen Valanice, prince Alexander and princess Rosella from Mordack's island fortress. In the process he also meets and frees the wizard's slave, princess Cassima from the Land of the Green Isles. Graham's family only makes a brief appearance during the final scene of the game. King Graham is voiced by Josh Mandel. Alexander is voiced by Barry T. Smith. Valanice has no talking part. Rosella is voiced by Diana Wilson. Cedric the owl travels with Graham from the beginning to the end of the game. He witnessed how the wizard Mordack kidnapped Graham's family and made his castle disappear. He brings Graham to his master, the good wizard Crispin, in Serenia. Crispin offers Graham his magic wand, though it has lost all its energy, and tells Cedric to accompany him. Cedric however is a coward and of very little help to Graham. Cedric is voiced by Richard Aronson
Crispin is voiced by Leonard "Ray" Bergeron. This rattlesnake (cobra in the NES version of the game) is blocking the path to the mountains. In the CD-ROM version he talks, warning Graham that the path is his domain. Graham manages to scare it away with a tambourine. The snake is voiced by Mark Seibert. Prince Herbert of Greys is the fiancee of Alicia. Unfortunately Alicia has disappeared and he's desperately looking for her in Serenia. He does not know that the evil witch from the forest has taken her heart, turning her into a willow tree, because Herbert turned down the witch's advances. All she has left is her harp on which she plays sad songs. Graham decides to help her, recover her heart and break the spell. Soon Herbert and Alicia are together again and Graham gets to keep her harp. Herbert is voiced by Gregory James Thomas Alicia/willow tree is voiced by Diana Wilson. When Graham arrives in the village of Serenia, a man is desperately trying to fix his wagon. But when Graham quickly visits a store and leaves again, the man has already disappeared, leaving his broken wagon behind, along with a silver coin on the ground.
The tailor has a beautiful thick blue cloak on display, definitely something Graham can use when he travels through the snowy mountains. He exchanges it for his golden needle, which he lost in a haystack near the inn. The tailor is voiced by DJ Williams. The complaining customer in the dressing area, who sometimes peeks from behind the curtain, is voiced by Guruka Singh Khalsa. Gepeppo, the toymaker and toy store owner, has a sled which he will exchange for a quality marionette. Gepeppo is voiced by Leonard Ray Bergeron. His granddaughter Katrina, who is playing in the store, is voiced by Kristen Hoyos. Gepeppito, the son of Gepeppo who works in the back of the store, is voiced by Barry T. Smith. The shoemaker's business is not doing too well. He doesn't have any shoes to sell! When Graham gives him the beautiful boots which he got from the elf, the shoemaker and his wife can retire by selling them. In gratitude he gives his hammer to Graham. The shoemaker is voiced by Dan Long. Hoemaker's wife is voiced by Sarah Long. Graham arrives at the bakery just in time to buy the last custard pie for a silver coin. The bakery owner and his brother are both voiced by Dick Roberts.
By luring the large bear away from the bee nest in the tree, Graham has made friends with Queen Beetrice and her colony. She allows him to take a handful of honey from them. Beetrice is voiced by Dianah Pressley. By distracting the dog away from the ant hill, king Graham becomes friends with king Antony and his colony. The ants will help Graham finding a needle in a haystack. King Antony is voiced by Dan Long and the ant song is sung by Mark Seibert. Madame Muska is the fortune teller, living in the gypsy camp. Graham can see her at the cost of one gold coin. In her crystal ball she sees Mordack holding Graham's family hostage and Mordack warning Alexander to turn his brother, Manannan back into his human form. Madame Muska also gives Graham an amulet for protection. After Graham has escaped the witch's forest, the gypsies have left, leaving behind a tambourine. Madame Muska is voiced by Sara Long The gypsy man is voiced by Ken Allen. The gnome is sitting outside his home in Serenia, watching his grandson play with the marionette he made for him. Graham would like to have the marionette, but the gnome will trade it for only one thing: his magic spinning wheel which the witch in the forest has stolen from him. The gnome is voiced by Gregory James Thomas.
The forest witch turns any intruder into a frog. Luckily for Graham, he is wearing the protective amulet of madame Muska. He gets rid of the evil witch by giving her the genie in a bottle. Now he can recover the golden heart of the willow tree and the magic spinning wheel from the gnome. The witch is voiced by Sarah Long. The elf is looking at Graham from the bushes in the witch's forest. Graham can catch him by pouring sticky honey on the ground and luring him with gems. After being released, the elf shows Graham a way out of the forest and gives Graham a nice pair of shoes. The elf is voiced by Nancy Zdenek and his friend Rocky is voiced by Barry T. Smith. Graham saves the rat by throwing an old boot at the cat which is chasing it. The rat will later help Graham by chewing the rope in which he's tight up. The rat is voiced by Roberta Williams. The shrieking cat is voiced by Guruka Singh Khalsa. The innkeeper is not a very pleasant person. He apparently roughs up all his customers. Makes one wonder how he can keep running his inn. Luckily he has some useful items in the backroom, such as a rope and a ham. The innkeeper is voiced by Leonard "Ray" Bergeron and the innkeeper's pal is voiced by Josh Mandel. Wait a minute... Josh Mandel knocking out Josh Mandel?! Graham finds a hungry eagle in the mountains and gives him the remaining half of his ham. This act of generosity will save Graham's life, as the eagle will save him from the Roc's nest and take him down the mountain. The eagle is voiced by Barry T. Smith.
The mountain is Queen Icebella's domain and she will capture and kill anybody who tries to trespass. Luckily Graham manages to warm her heart a little by playing the harp. She gives Graham a chance to prove himself by defeating the yeti which lives up in the mountain. Her servant, Sir Greywolf, brings Graham to the yeti's hideout. Queen Icebella is voiced by Lori Cole. Sir Greywolf is voiced by Frederic Gott. The hermit lives in his boathouse on the beach. He'd like to help Graham but his hearing is not very well, so Graham gives him a seashell to hear better. He fixes up Cedric, who got wounded by the harpies, and even lets his mermaid friend guide Graham to Mordack's castle. The hermit is voiced by Bill Davis. Mordack is the evil wizard who kidnapped Graham's family. He is a member of the Black Cloak Society and the brother of Manannan, the wizard who kept Alexander as a slave in King's Quest III. Now he wants Alexander to undo the spell which turned Manannan into a cat. It is Graham's quest to find Manannan, destroy him and free his family. Manannan also has a slave. A girl by the name Cassima, who is a princess of the Land of the Green Isles. Alexander falls in love with Cassima and will marry her in King's Quest VI. Mordack is voiced by Andy Hoyos. Cassima is voiced by Dianah Pressley.
Amanda is voiced by Roberta Williams Austin is voiced by Kevin Orcutt Minotta Yeti Gato

King's Quest V - Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder - View364-0.gif King's Quest V - Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder - View542-0.gif

[editar] Trucos

Recargar la Varita: Para cargar la varita mágica de Crispin fácilmente, pon la varita de Mordak en la plataforma izquierda de la máquina y tira el queso sin poner la varita de Crispin en la máquina. Después de unos pocos segundos, la máquina se parará y aparecerá un mensaje que te dice que la máquina no hace nada. Pon la varita de Crispin en la plataforma derecha de la maquina, camina abajo en las escaleras en la siguiente pantalla, y luego vuelve. La varita de Crispin debería estar cargada y la varita de Mordak estará debilitada.

[editar] Curiosidades

  • Esta carátula corresponde a la versión CD española, la cual a diferencia de la inglesa, se limita a empacar en CD el contenido de la versión disquetes. Muy típico por esa época el dejar las versiones CD españolas sin voces.

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[editar] Preinstalado

En el foro dispones de versiones preinstaladas donde sólo tendrás que descomprimir y ejecutar con PLAY:

  • Basada en DOSBox y la versión CD en español (disquetes v0.000.061).
  • Basada en DOSBox y la versión CD en inglés (CD v1.000.052).

[editar] DOSBox

  • dosbox.conf:
mount c C:\DosGames
imgmount d "...ruta...\KINGQ5.iso" -t iso
CD Sierra\KQ5
--cireja 20:45 23 sep 2013

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