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The ArtistThe Arys Expedition: Special EditionThe Asap Adventure
The Aspirox CaseThe AssassinThe Assembly
The Assembly LineThe Astonishing Captain SkullThe Astronauts
The Asylum: Psychiatry for Abused Cuddly ToysThe Atlantzone TeamThe Aurora Clock
The Aviator EscapeThe AwakeningThe Awesome Adventures of Victor Vector & Yondo: The Cyberplasm Formula
The Awesome Adventures of Victor Vector & Yondo: The Hypnotic HarpThe Awesome Adventures of Victor Vector & Yondo: The Last Dinosaur EggThe Awesome Adventures of Victor Vector & Yondo: The Vampire's Coffin
The Baader Meinhof PhenomenonThe Bad, the Ugly and the SoberThe Ballads of Reemus: When the Bed Bites
The Ballads of Reemus 2The Ballad of Ketinetto
The Bar
The BasementThe Basement's CallingThe Basement (2005, Candle)
The Bear, the Cat and the RabbitThe Beard in the MirrorThe Beast Within: A Gabriel Knight Mystery
The Berenstain Bears Get in a FightThe Berenstain Bears in the DarkThe Beverly Hillbillies
The Big Apple EntertainmentThe Big Bad Wolf & the Three Little Pigs
The Big Crab EscapeThe Big Red AdventureThe Big Sheep
The BirdwatcherThe BirthdayThe Bitmap Brothers
The Bizarre Creations of Keith the MagnificentThe Blackbird Strikes Back
The Blackwell ConvergenceThe Blackwell DeceptionThe Blackwell Epiphany
The Blackwell LegacyThe Black CauldronThe Black Cauldron: Point and Click
The Black MirrorThe Black Tower
The Black Wish CemeteryThe Black Wish MansionThe Blind Prophet
The BlobjobThe BlockThe Block (2013, monkey424)
The Blueness of a WoundThe Blues BrothersThe Blues Brothers: Jukebox Adventure
The Blue BeanieThe Book of Living MagicThe Book of Spells
The Book of Unwritten TalesThe Book of Unwritten Tales: The Critter ChroniclesThe Book of Unwritten Tales 2
The Book UnfinishedThe Bosco BrothersThe Bouncer
The BoxThe Box (2009, Marcus Kellner, Markus Fors)The Boy Who Typed Wolf
The Breakdown: A Snack-Sized Adventure GameThe BreakoutThe Bridge
The Bridge (2013, Quantum Astrophysicists Guild)The Bridge (2017, Keyhole Eye Studios)The Broken Brain
The Broken HornThe BrotherhoodThe Bum
The BunkerThe Bunker (2005, Luke Simpson)
The Bunker (2016, Splendy Games, Wales Interactive)The Bureau: XCOM DeclassifiedThe Burger Bar
The Burger FlipperThe Burgomaster
The Butler Did It!The C.H.A.O.S. ContinuumThe Cabbage Incident
The Cabinets of Doctor ArcanaThe Cadaver Synod
The Calling (1987, Visual Dimensions)The Campaign of Daphne White
The CanThe CaponiansThe Capri Connection
The Care BearsThe Carl Lewis ChallengeThe Carnival of Monkey Island
The Case (2003, James Hamer-Morton)The Case of Charles Dexter WardThe Case of the Beheaded Smuggler
The Case of the Cautious CondorThe Case of the Muffin DiverThe Case of the Mysteriously Missing Hat
The Cassandra GalleriesThe CastleThe Castle (1983, Bug-Byte Software)
The Castle (1985, ASCII Corporation)The Castle (1993)The Castle (1998, Blue Line Studios)
The Castle (2019, Ishtar Games)The Castle (Dan Brochner Nielsen)The Catacomb Abyss
The Cat in the HatThe Cat LadyThe Cave
The CellThe Cell (2005, Candle)The Cell (2008, Fox International)
The Cell (2016, Digital Mosaic Games)The Chalice of Marfa
The Challenge of the MatrixThe Charnel House TrilogyThe Chef
The Child MurdererThe Child of the Hill HouseThe China Shop
The Chinese RoomThe Chiquita FactorThe Chronicles of Max and Maggie
The ChronomancersThe Chrysalis
The City AdventureThe City of Metronome
The Clockwork Labyrinth
The Coast
The Cold Hand ReefThe CollectiveThe Colonel's Bequest
The Colorless SylphThe Colour of MagicThe Colour of Murder
The Coma: Cutting ClassThe Coming of Age: A Lorna Bains Whodunit
The ConciergeThe CondemnedThe Connoisseur: Fine Art Collection
The Coral CaveThe CorridorThe Corridor: On Behalf of the Dead
The Corruption WithinThe Council of CrowsThe Crackwell Legacy
The Crazed ChickenThe Creator is MeanThe Creed
The Crimson CrownThe Crimson DiamondThe Cross Formula
The Crow's EyeThe Crown of GoldThe Crown of Leaves
The Crown of MidasThe CrowsThe Crypt
The Cryptic CorporationThe Crypt (1983, Kuma Computers)The Crypt (1984, Carnell Software)
The Crystal KeyThe Crystal SkullThe Crystal Skull (1996, Some Interactive)
The CubeThe Cube (1997, TGM Crew)The Cube (2004, Thorsten Roth)
The Cult: Marduk's Longest NightThe CurfewThe Cursed Forest
The Curse of LifeThe Curse of Monkey IslandThe Curse of Monkey Island: Classic Edition
The Curse of Monkey Island DemakeThe Curse of MookychuThe Curse of Tafkasomm
The Curse of the Mushroom KingThe Curse of the VampireThe Curves of Danger
The Cyber Asylum
The Daedalus EncounterThe Dagger of Amon RaThe Dame in Black Case
The Dame was LoadedThe Daring Adventures of Robin HoodThe Darkest Night
The Darkest TreeThe Darkest WoodsThe Darkest Woods 2
The Darkness of Monkey Island 5The Darksiders Part I - The Curious Case of Mark IdaloThe Darkside Detective
The Darkside Detective: Season 2The Dark ConvergenceThe Dark Convergence II: The Hideous Trigoli
The Dark EyeThe Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav
The Dark Inside MeThe Dark LightThe Dark Plague
The Dark Side of the MoonThe Dark Side of the Moon (2019, Tayanna Studios)The Dark Trial
The Day After you Went AwayThe Day of DarknessThe Day that John Saved Christmas
The Day that Nothing Happened!The Day the World BrokeThe Deadly Sunsets: A Sam Preston Adventure
The Dead CityThe Dead DeviceThe Dead Flowers Case
The Death-controller of Monkey IslandThe Death ChanteyThe Death of Erin Myers
The Death of Luke SimpsonThe DeedThe Deed (2009, Ivan Mogilko)
The Demon's ForgeThe Demonic Dollhouse
The Demonslayer vs. the Vegatable VampiresThe Descendant
The DetailThe Deveron Murder MysteryThe Devil's Men
The Devil's ShroudThe Devil's TriangleThe Devil Awaits VR
The Devil Got my WomanThe Diamond Mystery of Rosemond ValleyThe Diary of a Roadie
The Didjitalblue StudioThe DigThe Digital Spell
The Digital VillageThe Disgraced PrinceThe Displacement
The Dodgy GameThe Dog KennelThe Dollhouse
The Doll ShopThe DomaginariumThe Dome
The DoorThe Door (2018, Youcanstar)The Draft Drifter Who Dashed Doctor Dunno
The DreamcatcherThe Dreamcat AdventureThe Dreamers Guild
The DreamerzThe Dreamlands: Aisling's Quest
The DreamScape (2016, verticalskydrop)The Dream JobThe Dream Machine
The Dream Machine (1993, New Machine Publishing)The Dream Machine (2010, Cockroach)
The Dream Machine 2The Dream Within a DreamThe Drifter
The Drifter (Powerhoof)The Dutchman's Return
The Dwarven Dagger of BlitzThe Dwarven Dagger of Blitz 2The Earl Octopusor
The Earth InvaderThe Edge
The EidolonThe Eighth Voyage of Sindbad: Karamogul's CurseThe Eight Tentacles of the Apocalypse
The Eire Raising Adventures of Seamus O'MallyThe Elder Scrolls: ArenaThe Elder Scrolls: Chapter II - Daggerfall
The Elder Scrolls III: MorrowindThe Elder Scrolls IV: OblivionThe Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
The Eldritch Cases: DagonThe Election DayThe Electronic Pencil
The Elegant Murder MysteryThe Elevator
The Elevator (2005, Barbarian)The Elevator (2012, Cyanide Tea)The Elevator (2017, Waxwing Games)
The EmptinessThe Endless NightThe End is Nigh
The End of the SunThe End of the Sun TeamThe End of the World
The EnergizerThe Epic Adventures of BarryThe Epic Adventures of Barry 2: Isle Dunga
The Epic Escape of the CarrotThe Epsilon Outcome
The EscaperThe Eternal NightThe Even More! Incredible Machine

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